Apprentice of the Month - January 2020

Written on: 1 February 2020

Written by: Brooke Urwin


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Congratulations to Shawn Carter from Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council for winning 2020's first Apprentice of the Month! 

Read his nomination below:

Apprentice of the Month Winner - January 2020

As a manager, it’s always pleasing to have a team member being recognised for their efforts, to hear that Shawn has received his Third Apprentice of the Week is fantastic, especially given the very positive comments provided. In support of this award I would like to follow this up by nominating Shawn for the Apprentice of the Month award.

He’s continued enthusiasm, commitment, desire to learn and motivation to achieve the very best from this Apprenticeship training opportunity is evident in his professional approach and the very high standards of course work submitted and learning outcomes achieved to-date. 

Shawn has also recently completed a course exam ‘HTML5 Application Development Fundamentals MTA’ where he achieved fantastic 95% pass score. This on-going high level and standard of commitment surely worthy of further recognition.

This learning is being undertaken whilst carrying out a very demanding full-time employment role and lot of the training preparation/work is being done in his own time to reduce the impact on the services my team deliver and to ensure he remains on track with the training plan. Shawn is progressing so well with this course that current plans are targeting an earlier completing target.

I’m confident that Shawn will continue to engage in this positive way for the entire training programme and that my decision to support Shawn with this training opportunity will be substantiated by the knowledge and skills he gains.

Brian Donelly 

Redcar and Cleveland Council

We would also like to say a big thank you to everyone that nominated, please see below!

Lennon Calladine from Deltek

I would like to nominate Lennon Calladine for Apprentice of the Month.  Over the last two weeks he has attended and passed a re-sit of his English exam after spending considerable time outside of work revising for it.  This was immediately followed by one of his scheduled apprenticeship courses for which he has been named apprentice of the week by yourselves (Baltic), which shows the attitude that he brings.  

On top of this Lennon has also been keeping up with his assigned development work as part of our Deployment team.  That work has real value and increases the usefulness of the software tools we use to deploy our products to clients.

Lennon has done a great job getting up to speed with the technologies we use and the processes we follow, including full Agile SCRUM methodology and full-stack web and WPF development, adhering to our coding standards, and participating in peer and QE reviews.

I have been very impressed by Lennon’s work ethic, positivity, and willingness to learn and improve since he has started with us - but this last month has been of particular note.  His focus has been exactly what we would want from a model apprentice.  Well done Lennon!

Ellie Smith from Blacklight Software 

Ellie has adapted to life at Blacklight exceptionally fast. She has brought an energy and vibrance to the team since her start a short while ago. In the short space of a couple of months, Ellie has strengthened the marketing team to no end through creating valuable content and launching our new blog! Ellie also contributes a vast amount to our upcoming website re-design plans and is increasing our website and blog followers and traffic on a daily basis.

So far Ellie has modernised our approach to content planning through the brilliant idea of having a set content planner that details the content and when it is to be scheduled to be posted. Lie’s ideas around the website are also insightful.

Ellie has now progressed on to writing technical content which is leading to a rapid increase of website traffic. Ellie approaches work and developing content in a systematic and methodical approach which leads to more engaging content.

The extent at which Ellie has picked up the knowledge of the software development sector is extremely impressive. As well as engaging with her own team, Ellie has also fit in well with teams across the whole organisation. Could not ask for a better team member!

Harry Nolan from Capricorn Blinds

I’d like to nominate our apprentice, Harry Nolan, for the Apprentice of the Month for January 2020.

Harry has started the year off by being in charge of creating content for the first newsletter edition of the new year and it’s great to see how well his writing skills are developing and how he is putting his own mark onto the great work he is producing. Harry has really come into his own here with us and we struggle remembering what it was like before he joined us! Not only does he provide invaluable support and great input in digital marketing, but he goes above and beyond to help his other colleagues across different departments which is a testament to his kind and helpful nature.

 In my experience it is rare to come across professionals with the problem-solving abilities that Harry is already possessing I have been completely blown away with the professionalism Harry is displaying so early on.

He takes ownership and responsibility of his work and as a result has generated a high level of trust among his colleagues as you can be confident that when Harry does something, you know it will be done properly. He takes on board feedback and updates his work with ease which makes our weekly meetings a breeze as he is an active participant and is great at processing the briefs he is provided.

Kelsie Purkins from Quantun Controls

Since Kelsie has joined Quantum she has completely excelled and hit the ground running, all the tasks I set her she takes within her stride, completes them efficiently and with an impressive standard.

From the beginning Kelsie has had exceptional content writing skills, something that is pretty difficult to do in Marketing, she has written case studies and blog articles which have been published on our website and read by engineers across the UK.

She is eager to learn, she uses her downtime to explore the latest marketing trends and polishing her skills on the software we use, she then brings ideas from what she has learned on how we could apply them to our marketing at Quantum. 

Kelsie is a valued member of the marketing department; she has fit in with the office very well and always has a friendly polite manner when speaking to colleagues and customers. She is punctual and reliable, as I can sometimes be working away from the office, I can trust her to self-manage and complete any tasks set by herself.

Kelsie has also excelled within her Digital marketing apprenticeship, achieving 100% on her exams, she rarely needs help completing her assessments but when she does, she always has great ideas and evidence on how to complete the tasks she has been set.

Jessica Raikes from Alliance Transport Technologies 

Jessica is already an incredible asset for Alliance Transport Technologies. She has taken to the role like a duck to water and has fitted in to the team like she has always been a part of the furniture. The feedback we receive from both employees and customers is always positive.

She has an incredible optimistic outlook towards her role and is always looking for ways that she can progress and make things better. Any new tasks and requests are welcomed with open arms and with a focused determination to get the job done. Jess is always researching for new initiatives or ways to communicate to our customers and staying ahead of the game. She has a very creative mind that is flowing into her work and challenging what we do as a business. One of her first tasks was to research and implement an email campaign platform for the business which we are now using regularly for targeted marketing.

Her first two assignments for Baltic were tackled with incredible attention to detail and focus. She displays excellent project management and organisational skills that enable her to handle her busy working schedule and her apprenticeship projects.

Overall a fantastic employee and I don’t know how I lived without her!

Andrew Gray from Burnside College

Andrew has already established himself as a key member of support staff within the IT team at Burnside College. He always goes above and beyond, completing tasks with efficiency and professionalism. This is testament to the fact that he has won Burnside 'Star of the Week' recently, after being nominated by more than one member of our Senior Leadership Team. An award for outstanding performance, which is open to all support staff! He is always happy to help anyone and has embodied the ethos of Burnside College, both in his role as Apprentice IT Technician and even carrying out an additional role as Senior Supervision at lunchtime!

Andrew has already shown that he is capable of taking instruction, retaining information and independently carrying out technical tasks to a high level, including configuring VLANs on switches and troubleshooting network issues. A recent example of this was when he configured and installed a new POE switch that required some complex configuration. The end result was a successful install, which was beyond my expectation at this stage in his training! He has also configured, enrolled and rolled out a trolley of Chromebooks that have been used by students, staff and governors.

We could not be happier with Andrew! He is showing all of the skills that will take him far as he continues to develop as a superb IT Technician. Thank You Andrew for all of your hard work!

Amber Whitehouse from Latham's Security Doorsets Ltd

Since joining Latham’s, Amber has proven herself to be a real asset to the Marketing team. She has a very proactive attitude towards her work and has a real passion to learn the intricacies of the digital marketing sector. She is happy to take responsibility for her own work and always completes her assignment tasks ahead of the deadline date, ensuring they are submitted with time to spare.

Amber has already taken responsibility for the editing and updating of a brochure for a key client including generating imagery, selecting a new layout and editing text. She was also happy to be involved with the filming of our new promotional videos, even though it meant spending a long day in our very cold warehouse! Amber has really got stuck in with a wide variety of marketing tasks and has developed an excellent working relationship with both internal team members in marketing and the wider teams, and has also been working closely with our external PPC agent in developing materials for a brand new online advertising campaign.

Amber is a credit to the Baltic Apprenticeship programme and she has integrated herself to be a well respected member of staff here at Latham’s Steel Doors.

Nominations for Baltic's 2020 Apprentice of the Year will open next week during National Apprenticeship Week. Keep your eyes peeled to nominate your apprentice or employer for this years awards! 


Since joining the Internal IT team at Partnerize in October last year Jeevan has firmly established himself as a dependable, well respected member of the department.

He has taken an independent, reliable approach to all the tasks he has been assigned including:

  • Taking ownership of all anti-virus alerts and ensuring they are dealt with in an appropriate and timely manner.
  • Setting up and maintaining all meeting room space equipment across the entire office. This included creating a process documenting all tasks involved in the daily check of these spaces.
  • Contributing several documents that are now used in our user facing knowledge base.
  • Conducting an equipment audit which was complex task requiring a lot of attention to detail.

As well as Jeevan’s day-to-day work, he has also made time for his studies. In his spare time, including his own lunch break on occasion, Jeevan can usually be found at his desk working though practice exams or going through notes he has taken during a training session.

Jeevan has demonstrated a level of maturity and good humour well beyond his years and as a result is very highly thought of by everyone at Partnerize.

We firmly believe that for all the reasons above Jeevan deserves recognition as Apprentice of the Month.


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