Apprentice of the Month - December

Written on: 13 January 2020

Written by: Bethany Lowdon


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Congratulations to Jack Makin from Clever IT for winning December's Apprentice of the Month! He will be receiving £50 in high street vouchers.

He consistently excels in our team. Our clients love him and his performance on his recent training course saw him achieve Apprentice of the Week.

Jack is a hugely capable technician with a high ceiling. He can achieve anything he wants in the industry thanks to a great work ethic and ability to retain learned knowledge. He demonstrates an excellent understanding of the technologies involved and is happy to help everyone, including fellow apprentices on the training courses. His feedback from his recent course run by Nick Jinks returned the following feedback, which truly demonstrates the value that Jack delivers on a daily basis;

“Jack was happy to contribute on the mic even without prompting. He helped others when they needed it lots of times!  His assignment was very good.”
- Nick Jinks

Jack has consistently received great feedback from our team and our clients and he's a real poster-boy for Baltic and the Apprenticeship scheme. His development has been steady and the support received from Baltic along the way has ensured his continued success. Jack has a strong determination to achieve a high-level pass on the course and cannot wait for his next assignment.

He is a truly remarkable individual and I am glad to call him a member of my team.

Graeme Rawlings

We would also like to say a big thank you to everyone that nominated, please see below!


Ed has hit the ground running with regards to his apprenticeship. Within the first couple of weeks, he helped write the requirements documents for a new customer portal we are designing. In this he included detailed analysis of the stakeholders requirements including use cases, screen mock-ups, flow diagrams and Entity Relationship Diagrams.

He was able to then transfer this into our development planning software so that team sprints could be formed from the requirements and given out to the development team, of which Ed was a part.

He took the tasks given to him and completed them in a timely manner, utilising his own research as a first port of call before requesting help. This showed a high level of initiative that I have not seen very often in new developers.

Once the work for the project was completed, he was able to give a demonstration of the new piece of work to a group of the company’s selected stakeholders, including company directors. Since the only issue I have had to raise with Ed since he started was in regards to being very quiet and not showing the tendency towards communication we would expect, this was a big leap for him. To be able to give a clear demonstration to such a group so soon after starting at the company, let alone with so little experience, impressed me and I didn’t really have to help out with it. Edward ran it with the occasional question being asked of me, but most being asked and answered by Ed.

On top of all of this, he has managed to keep on top of all of his apprenticeship assessments and complete them without allowing either his company or apprentice work to slip. This is showing good organisation skills and I am fairly confident he is working in his own time to keep on top of this.

I am very happy to nominate him for Apprentice of the Month as I genuinely believe that he deserves recognition for all the work he has done.


Harry is showing fantastic progress so far and tackles every task with the same level of enthusiasm which is pure joy to see as his mentor. It is clear he is passionate about developing his digital marketing skills and that he wants to learn as much as possible during his apprenticeship. Harry has been providing fantastic support to the marketing department since he joined the business in August and has taken sole responsibility for the Instagram and Twitter channels for the company with great success. Harry has, in addition to taking control of our social channels, been revamping our website articles and putting his design skills to good use by updating all of our website images alongside recently completing a large search engine optimisation project which has significantly improved our website ranking.

Harry has become a valued team member not only for his impeccable work ethic and phenomenal progress, but also for the kindness he shows to everyone he interacts with. When he is away doing his theory assessments, we really miss his sense of humour that keeps everyone’s spirit high in our office!

Harry is a great ambassador for the company and we are very proud to have him part of our team!


Karen has shown incredible initiative over recent months and has gone above and beyond expectation - where a project was struggling due to lack of resource she single-handedly turned around direct customer communication for real positive business impact and customer satisfaction.

She took over the project’s Facebook and email accounts, and uplifted response rate from 14% to 100%, and response time from over 4 days down to just 36 minutes. Karen is proactively using her new found digital marketing skills to identify areas of the business that she can have impact!


Josh is an absolute super star! Josh started with us in August 2019 and is already an invaluable member of our team. He has proven himself to be a reliable and trustworthy employee, who is quick to learn new things and excellent at retaining information. All this has meant that we have been able to assign him with a wide range of increasingly complex tasks, which he is always able to complete successfully. Josh is popular with colleagues and customers alike, and he has an excellent work ethic with 100% attendance and excellent punctuality. 

Josh has made so much progress that he is now responsible for the hire side of our business, prepping and hiring out IT and AV equipment to customers. He is also making excellent progress with his apprenticeship course.


Sumit, has come so far since joining us, he needs to recognised for this.

Watching someone grow and become the person he deserves to be is amazing. No matter what day or time it is, Sumit will make sure he is available. His ability to talk to and work with clients is one of someone with years of experience. Colleagues trust and respect him, and has built credibility with the team.

He has gone from zero to hero in such a short time space.

I have received emails from a client and colleague both telling me how great he is, and what an asset to the business Sumit is.

Up to this point, we have only put him forward once. But now its his time to shine and be recognised.


Lydia has been instrumental in updating our new website by providing engaging content and improving our SEO. She has provided immense support to the rest of the Learn Live team by fulfilling ad hoc tasks and helping to meet client deadlines.

Her work ethic is brilliant and her creative solutions to problems are always welcomed.

All of the above has been achieved against a backdrop of acute personal issues and her assignments while retaining her professionalism in the role. Lydia is a great asset to our company and we wish her all the best with her end point assessments.


Nominations for January's Apprentice of the Month are now open!  If you believe your apprentice has gone above and beyond email your nomination to with your nominee's name, company name and a minimum 200 word nomination.

The winning nomination will receive £50 Love to Shop vouchers. The deadline for submissions is the 31st January 2020. Good luck!


Since joining the Internal IT team at Partnerize in October last year Jeevan has firmly established himself as a dependable, well respected member of the department.

He has taken an independent, reliable approach to all the tasks he has been assigned including:

  • Taking ownership of all anti-virus alerts and ensuring they are dealt with in an appropriate and timely manner.
  • Setting up and maintaining all meeting room space equipment across the entire office. This included creating a process documenting all tasks involved in the daily check of these spaces.
  • Contributing several documents that are now used in our user facing knowledge base.
  • Conducting an equipment audit which was complex task requiring a lot of attention to detail.

As well as Jeevan’s day-to-day work, he has also made time for his studies. In his spare time, including his own lunch break on occasion, Jeevan can usually be found at his desk working though practice exams or going through notes he has taken during a training session.

Jeevan has demonstrated a level of maturity and good humour well beyond his years and as a result is very highly thought of by everyone at Partnerize.

We firmly believe that for all the reasons above Jeevan deserves recognition as Apprentice of the Month.


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