Apprentice of the Month – May 2020

Written on: 17 June 2020

Written by: Frances Hardcastle



Throughout May, our inbox was peppered with pure positivity as the Apprentice of the Month nominations rolled in. As always, our Baltic Apprentices have been outshining expectations, realising their potential, and making some outstanding contributions to their workplace.   

So here we go - let’s spread some joy and announce May’s winner and our stand-out nominees:

Apprentice of the Month

This month’s winner is Charlie Lavery, a Level 3 Digital Marketing apprentice at Sharp. Charlie was nominated by Laura Thomas, who told us all about the amazing impact Charlie has had on their social media performance:   

“Since January 2020, Charlie has been given the responsibility of looking after the company’s social media channels. We focus on LinkedIn and Twitter. Charlie has moved us away from the historic strategy of posting product focused content, and has mixed it up. He’s posting a variety of product, solution, insightful, CSR, helpful posts, and has been experimenting with the engagement rates to get the ‘mix’ right.

“Since January, our LinkedIn stats have gone through the roof. We have seen a 9.7% increase in followers, 190% increase in impressions, 825% increase in clicks and a 2,400% increase in the number of comments on our posts (from 2 per month to over 50 per month)!

“We have had so much positive feedback – including from our Managing Director – and other European marketing teams within the Sharp family are starting to copy Charlie’s strategy.

“I can’t wait to see how much we can improve over the next 12 months with Charlie’s hard work!”

May’s Stand-Out Nominees

We received 8 other amazing nominations for the title. The praise and enthusiasm we have seen from their colleagues in their nominations really needs to be shared!

Shawn Carter, Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council

“Shawn has had to balance his continued study with the very challenging and demanding times at work which has been further exacerbated by the Council’s Ransomware Cyber-attack back in February. This led to the entire IT services, infrastructure and systems rebuild programme, of which Shawn has played a pivotal role in delivering. The demands of the recovery programme were such that we requested Shawn be given a 4 week break in learning so that we could focus on delivering the recovery.

“Given the demands placed on Shawn from work and study, it’s very pleasing to know that Shawn is maintaining his high standards of learning, as is evident by his efforts to submit a number of outstanding assignments in a very short timescale and that he is still aiming to complete the study programme ahead of schedule.”

Adam Nutbrown, itQED

“Adam has been an invaluable asset to the itQED team from the day he joined us. He progressed from his Level 3 Apprenticeship directly into a Level 4 and has shown a great deal of motivation and commitment throughout. Adam is not afraid to ask for help when he requires it which is a testament to his thirst for personal development and his eagerness to learn new skills. He is currently undertaking a task which involves seeking new ways to improve our “workshop process” by bringing in technology to allocate and keep an inventory of new jobs. This is a task which Adam expressed an interest in and is currently working hard to achieve.”

Amber Whitehouse, Latham’s Security Doorsets Ltd

“Amber has a very proactive attitude towards her work and has a real passion to learn the intricacies of the digital marketing sector. She has already taken responsibility for updating a brochure for a key client, including generating imagery, selecting a new layout and editing text. She was also happy to be involved with the filming of our new promotional videos, even though it meant spending a long day in our very cold warehouse! A credit to the Baltic Apprenticeships programme, Amber has integrated herself as a well-respected member of staff here.”

Bradley Ash, Me and My Golf

“In a short period of time, Bradley has established himself as a key member of our team and I’ve been extremely impressed with his attitude and work ethic. Considering he started in February and we have had to work from home since the end of March, he has adapted really well to stay on track with his work and even takenthe initiative to during the week he did his Principles of Coding course. With his help and the rest of the team, we have recently had our best week in the company’s history in terms of new sign-ups, which Bradley played a big part in.”

James Ashton, Tech Service Partner

“James has really impressed us all here at TSP with his commitment and current enthusiasm towards his new job role. During James’ short time as an apprentice, he has taken part in additional courses such as Operating Systems MTA. He has also taken part in the ‘Configuring Windows Server 2016’ course and the ‘IT Virtualisation’ course and absolutely smashed it! James had nothing but positive feedback about all the courses he has currently taken part in and is eager to continue his journey into his Level 4 qualification. I am honoured to have James as a team member and look forward to watching him develop into an excellent IT Support staff member in the near future.”

Jodie McCrea, Primitive Sense

“Jodie has now been with us nearly 6 months and I have to say has been doing a fantastic job, especially under the circumstances of COVID-19. Each day she proves her worth by providing extremely valuable information that is put to great use within the business. She also brings some great ideas, lots of energy and a smile which in turn also energises others. Jodie always does her research before she brings anything to the table. With Jodie doing this for us, it has seen the business increase in website traffic, sales and social following. She is fantastic at what she does and has surprised us with her confidence and skill set being so young. Jodie has an extremely bright future and we look forward to continue to work with her.”

Karl Plotka, Loomis UK

“Karl’s hard work and dedication to the apprenticeship course has been an invaluable source of additional insight and technical skills for us as a company. He has a superb focus on technical details which I believe is a fundamental skill for his Cyber Security Technologist programme. With the insight Karl’s efforts have brought is, we have definitely gained an increased level of information security protection against a rising global threat! Karl will regularly go above and beyond required effort to extend his research or knowledge, with a hunger for participation in all applicable IT projects overlapping into the Cyber Security world.”

Nathan Mullaney, Grainger

“The last 4 weeks has been a busy time for Nathan, and he has excelled. He has gone above and beyond helping our company mobilise a large number of users. This involved learning new processes and adapting to the current way of working. His commitment to our company has shone through in these extraordinary times. Nathan has only been working in IT for 6 months but shows the confidence and technical ability to resolve these issues.”


Nominations are now open for June’s Apprentice of the Month. If you've got a Baltic Apprentice who deserves some recognition, we'd love to share their story!

Please send your nomination to (approx. 200 words), before 30th June 2020.





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