Workforce development during Coronavirus: Affordable CPD for staff

Written on: 3 April 2020

Written by: Frances Hardcastle



For managers and small business owners, the decision to furlough workers is not taken lightly. However, as the Coronavirus pandemic continues, these measures have quickly become a necessity for the protection of employees and of the business itself.

One in twenty people in the UK have lost a job due to Coronavirus, while almost one in ten have had their hours reduced, according to a YouGov poll. In the coming weeks, millions of workers are likely to be furloughed, with many businesses set to claim from the Chancellor's emergency Coronavirus Job Retention fund.

With the lockdown set to continue in the UK for the next few months, it can sometimes feel as though your department is frozen in carbonite. Without a goal in sight, even the most dedicated employees can lose motivation as the weeks indoors stretch ahead.

So how can you mitigate the disruption during this time? Training programmes can offer a solution, providing focus whilst cultivating additional skills within your workforce.

The Government guidelines state that while staff can't continue to work for their employer while on furlough, they can take part in training, including an apprenticeship programme.

Benefits of apprenticeships for existing staff

For furloughed staff, online apprenticeship training can be a way to develop new skills and can have a positive impact on wellbeing - especially during these uncertain times. By enrolling furloughed employees on an apprenticeship programme, you can provide a tangible goal, and keep in contact with your teams.

When this turbulent period is over, you will be able to welcome back a workforce who have stayed motivated and are ready to apply their new-found knowledge to your business.

Programmes offered by Baltic

We offer a range of Level 3 and Level 4 apprenticeships under three subject umbrellas: IT, Software Development, and Digital Marketing.

Our Level 3 programmes offer a comprehensive introduction to each subject area, and would be perfect for new hires, junior employees, or those taking on new technologies and responsibilities at work.

Our Level 4 programmes offer higher level routes to particular specialisms, including Cyber Security, Software Developer, Network Engineering, and Digital Marketing with Google Analytics.

Our SMART Classroom delivery method means training can be completed online in a virtual, interactive environment. Each module is delivered in a week-long block. For employers affected by Coronavirus (which is pretty much everyone) we are offering a flexible training schedule.

New apprentices can front-load their technical training while on furlough, taking each module in sequence while at home. When normality resumes, we'll support your employees to apply their new expertise in work-based assessments to finalise the qualification.

If an apprenticeship programme sounds like an ideal form of CPD for your furloughed employees, please get in touch. Baltic are still here to help you get the most out of your team during the Coronavirus crisis.

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