Why should employers attend apprenticeship review calls?

Written on: 3 August 2018

Written by: Freya King



Review calls between our assessors and learners take place every 6 weeks. While it is not compulsory for managers to attend the calls, the benefits to both apprentice and employer are extensive.

Reviews cover the learner’s technical course progress, results, feedback, as well as microteaches to give an overview on standard topics such as equality and diversity, health and safety, safeguarding and prevent.

Another important part of the review is checking that the apprentice is happy in the workplace, and that they are meeting their employer’s needs. This includes hitting company expectations for punctuality, attendance, targets and behaviour. Any issues that may have arisen can be addressed in this section of the call, and actions can be put in place to improve the apprentice’s performance within the workplace.

Once the microteaches and workplace competencies have been covered, the key focus of a review is the learner’s assessment plans. The assessor not only goes through the plan and what is required, but they can also go back over any areas that the learner has been having difficulties with.

If a manager is able to listen to all of the aims and objectives of the assessment plan, they can be on board from the beginning to support their apprentice. They will be fully aware of what the learner has been asked to do and which deadlines have been set, and can potentially help signpost as to how certain evidence can be gathered.

This can be a great help in terms of time management for apprentices, as they will be much more likely to hit deadlines if they are being prompted by both their assessor and their manager to get their apprenticeship work finished.

It also cuts out the need to email back and forth to keep managers in the loop. This can easily be avoided by attending the call, which lasts no more than a couple of hours every 6 weeks.

Depending on how the learner is doing, the employer doesn’t necessarily need to attend for the full duration. Our assessors may suggest that managers dip in and out of the review so they can be involved with the sections that are most relevant to them, such as the workplace competencies demonstrated within assessment plans.

Throughout the call, we actively encourage managers to contribute as much or as little as they would like. They are welcome to interject at any point during the conversation, or if they would prefer, they can wait until the end and ask any questions they may have. This can be an ideal opportunity to raise any concerns or ask questions about how their apprentice is doing.

Natalie Watson, our Senior Assessment and Functional Skills Manager, had this to say about reviews:

“There are no disadvantages to an employer attending the review, it helps them, it helps us, and most importantly, it helps the learner’s development. Whenever we get a manager on board, the apprentice comes along leaps and bounds because they feel supported and valued.”

Next time you receive an invitation to your apprentice’s review, we strongly recommend attending if you don’t already. It not only allows learners to get the guidance that they need, but it also provides managers with a clear overview of how their apprentice is progressing, both of which are important factors in apprenticeship success.

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