Doing a U-Turn on University? Get Your Dream Digital Career with an Apprenticeship

Written on: 25 June 2020

Written by: Frances Hardcastle



More than one in five students are considering delaying university next year, according to a recent survey. A mixture of Coronavirus uncertainty, falling international rankings, and high tuition fees have caused many talented people to put university on hold and explore other options.

As September edges closer, universities are starting to firm up their plans for a Covid-secure student experience, and social distancing looks set to continue well into the foreseeable future. Manchester, Reading and Queen’s Belfast have committed to online lectures for the autumn term, while Cambridge have put lectures on lockdown and plan to deliver classes remotely for the year.

While online teaching can work really well – and we should know, we’ve been running our training programmes online for years now – lectures are just one part of the student experience. For many students, the social side of uni is just as important as hitting the books. This is the chance to move away from home, make new friends, expand horizons and develop the ultimate recipe for Spaghetti Bolognese. With many of these elements dampened by the pandemic, some students have decided to decline their offers.

So, if you’ve decided that University isn’t for you right now, what’s next?

Apprenticeships are a fantastic option, combining advanced professional training with hands-on workplace experience. There are well-established apprenticeship routes for just about any industry you can think of – including the digital and tech sector, which is our specialism at Baltic Apprenticeships.

We offer apprenticeships under three subject umbrellas: Digital Marketing, IT Infrastructure and Software Development. We work with some fantastic employers to create real career opportunities, providing all the training and support you’ll need to get started in this exciting industry.

A Level 3 apprenticeship programme takes around 15-18 months to complete. At Baltic, you’ll be based full-time in your workplace, with regular time out to complete your training in our SMART Classroom. Unlike college-based apprenticeships, our block-training approach means that you’ll get the chance to really embed yourself within the business, and quickly become an important part of the team.

What happens after an apprenticeship?

It’s a classic problem when leaving education that you need experience to get a job, but you need a job to get experience. With an apprenticeship, this isn’t an issue – when you finish an apprenticeship programme, you’ll have the technical knowledge you need to thrive, along with the practical day-to-day experience of working in your chosen field.

An apprenticeship gives you options. While some choose to go to university after their training (where their experience gives them the edge in the graduate jobs market), lots of our apprentices choose to rise through the ranks in the workplace, getting promoted within their organisations and quickly becoming young tech leaders.

If you think an apprenticeship could be the right path for you right now, why not take a look at our programmes and current vacancies in your area? You never know, you might just find your dream career in digital.

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