Data with Distinction: Celebrating our Data Team

Written on: 27 June 2022

Written by: Matt Cadman


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Data can be an incredibly valuable asset to any organisation – if it can be utilised effectively. Businesses of all sizes are now recognising the benefits of being able to efficiently process information, allowing them to better understand themselves and their customers. In order to achieve this, organisations often employ data professionals in multiple departments, and Baltic is no different. 

Harry and Ilya are Data Analysts who work in our Sales and Operations teams, and both have just achieved distinctions after completing their Level 3 Junior Data Analyst apprenticeships! We recently caught up with them to find out more about their experience as apprentices, how their roles have evolved, and their plans for the future.

Q. What new skills did you learn during your Data apprenticeship?

Harry: “My Data apprenticeship introduced me to the fundamentals of data gathering, analysis, validation, and visualisation. It has allowed me to turn raw data into insights for our senior leadership team.”

Ilya: “I’ve learned to integrate Business Intelligence tools with existing data to extract further value using Tableau as well as automating the reporting process. Without developing my knowledge and skills through my apprenticeship, extracting value from large data sets would be significantly more difficult and time consuming.

I’ve also learned how to disseminate data, depending on the target audience and the specific need of their stakeholders. Before the apprenticeship I had a limited understanding of optimal reporting, however throughout the programme I’ve developed my skills to cater projects to the target audience’s needs.”

Q. How has your role developed throughout your Data apprenticeship?

Harry: “As I have progressed through the apprenticeship, I have managed to bring more value to the role than I did on day one. This has allowed me to take on more responsibilities and work on data driven projects. I wouldn’t have known how to tackle such projects in the first couple of months of my apprenticeship, but towards the end I was much more confident and more equipped to support the Sales team.”

Ilya: “The major development in my role is the amount of independence granted to carry out operational data projects and tasks. In the beginning, I would have support throughout the whole reporting process and have regular check-ins to ensure everything is going to plan. As I’ve gained more experience and progressed within my role, I will generally be given the specification required for the reporting, and the development process is largely down to me.”

Harry Hobbs_Square_Compressed-1

Harry started his apprenticeship with Baltic in November 2020. He is now a Data Analyst in our Data & MI Team, providing insights to our Sales Team.


Q. How did it feel to achieve a distinction?  

Ilya: “Although the work evidenced throughout the programme is considered when the final grade is determined, the one-day EPA at the end of programme also influences the result. It was a huge relief to hear that all the hard work had paid off, and I had achieved my distinction. Not only was this a relief, but it was a big confidence boost, motivating me to continue working hard to further develop my Data skills.” 

Harry: “It was brilliant to achieve a distinction, it made the resubmissions and the excel revision feel worth it! It reaffirmed the value in the apprenticeship.” 

Q. What benefits do apprenticeships offer someone who is looking to start their career in Data?

Ilya: “A major advantage of apprenticeships, as opposed to other methods of education or training, is the ability to implement your learning to specific business scenarios. This is a fundamental step when developing skills, as sample data sets don’t generally provide an accurate representation of working with live business data. 

Live business data comes with unique challenges that help to develop problem solving skills alongside analytical skills. Without working with actual live business data, a key part of the data analyst toolkit is not being developed.” 

Harry: “It helps people to get their foot in the door and start their career in data analytics. You will learn applicable skills and theory from your first training week, whether that be how to gather data from reliable sources, how to blend data to gain more insight and ask more questions or how to distribute insight to ensure the audience takes the most from it.”


Ilya Bowman_Square_Compressed

Ilya began his apprenticeship with Baltic in April 2021. Since then, he has been honing his data skills by gathering, analysing, validating and disseminating data in our Operations Team 

Q. What does the future look like for your career in data? 

Ilya: “I hope to further develop my skills with advanced data tools, predominantly Python and SQL to further the business’s ability to make data driven decisions as well as automating the reporting process to help improve productivity. Python holds a lot of value when it comes to automation, and I hope to implement more of this into my day-to-day work.” 

Harry: “I am now focused on progressing to my Level 4 Data Analyst apprenticeship and building on skills such as Python and becoming proficient in R studio. I think these hard data skills are a necessity in terms of building on the knowledge and skills gained from the Level 3 Data apprenticeship.” 



To find out more about our level 3 Junior Data Analyst apprenticeship, you can download our programme outline for more details.



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