Novi Digital’s Managing Director Aaron Crew Discusses the Benefits of Apprenticeships

Written on: 17 January 2017

Written by: Amanda McCombie


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Novi Digital (previously SEO 24/7) is a data-driven digital marketing agency providing marketing support and solutions to companies across the UK, as well as within Europe and further afield. Their Managing Director Aaron Crewe, gave us a few minutes of his time to give us an insight on how his apprentice is getting on, the plans for the future and his overall thoughts on working Baltic Training services. The current apprentice at Novi Digital is Liam Anderson, who started his apprenticeship journey on our Software Development Level 3 programme and is currently in the process of progressing onto the Level 4 programme.

Please share your views on the quality of service and training programmes provided to you by Baltic Training.

Having used several apprenticeship providers previously, Baltic have been by far the most communicative and professional. Other providers have a difficult challenge if they are to compete!

Liam has just completed his level 3 Software Development and it was a mutual decision to progress him onto the Level 4 programme with immediate effect. The quality of the course and the experience so far, makes us excited to see what the future hold for Liam within our business.

Please give details of Liam’s daily tasks and any specific contributions he has made to your company.

Liam’s role has been to provide invaluable technical support and implementation to the team. Initially working alongside our technical lead, he has evolved his own position with the ability to manage his own priorities. His tasks include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Implementation of website content uploads and SEO improvements
  • Website issue checking and diagnosis
  • Implementation of more technical aspects that relate to ongoing learning such as SSL installations and server configurations
  • Internal tracking checks to ensure that all clients have goal conversion tracking working correctly at all times.

Liam has proven to be an engaged and proactive member of the team. He is well liked and respected and has brought a number of intangible benefits to the business.

Specific contributions include, but are not limited to:

  • Improvement in efficiency of content being uploaded to client websites
  • Suggestions for procedures and successful implementation of a tracking document for technical aspects.

Please give an example of how you feel Liam has benefited from his Level 3 apprenticeship?

Liam’s confidence has grown immensely. He has developed from a shy individual to a competent and able team member ready to take on and embrace new challenges on a daily basis. He is able to recommend improvements to the way the business operates, and participates in discussions on where changes can be made. We are excited to see him take on the Level 4 programme and see how he can apply his new skills to his role.

What is your opinion of the quality of contact you have had with your allocated members of staff at Baltic Training throughout the apprenticeship experience?

Baltic have always been prompt, professional and eager to please. We have very much enjoyed working with them and will seek to continue doing so in the future.

Would you consider taking on another apprentice in the future?

Absolutely, we’ve taken on in excess of 8 apprentices since 2011 and the experience provided by Baltic and by Liam has absolutely restored our faith in taking on further apprentices.

Would you recommend taking on an apprentice to other employers?

We believe that apprentices are a company’s opportunity to give back. Training a young adult or in some cases an older individual, is an absolute privilege. As a company we see this is a positive and beneficial opportunity to be able to provide a future career in a thriving industry.

Any additional comments you wish to include?

Liam has exceeded all expectations and has by far been the best apprentice that we’ve had to date! We are delighted to have contributed towards his professional and personal development and we are all excited to see what the future holds for him here at Novi Digital.


I would like to thank Aaron for taking the time to chat to us, and if you would like more information about how an apprentice could benefit your business, the way Liam has benefited Novi Digital, get in touch today by either filling out our enquiry form or by giving us a call on 01325 731 065.

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