Apprentice of the Month - October 2016

Written on: 22 November 2016

Written by: Amanda McCombie


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Well done to Ben McWilliams from JUXDIT for his hard work and dedication this month. He will be receiving £50 in high street vouchers. Great job :)

"We would like to nominate Ben McWilliams for the award of apprentice of the month, if we could nominate him for the apprentice of the year, we would too.

Here at we have just launched the new market place for Emerging Technology last month. A launch that we have been preparing to for a while now and Ben's work has been invaluable for our company. Even though he is an apprentice at our company he has been responsible for putting together a critical part of our new marketplace: One of the two curators of our products.

This month we would like to nominate him because:

  1. He has been in charge of our social media and has achieved:
  • Over 30k Twitter impressions
  1. Curated a collection of 60 cameras and 4 go pro cameras, for our up coming collection of digital photography. I should stress that getting the Go-Pros was an incredible result given that, he had to communicate directly with distributors and search for them here and out of the country. He alone did this and closed this deal. This was absolutely the highlight of this month.
  1. He has been doing daily analytics reports for our new marketplace, to be used in upcoming site improvements. He always delivers this report first thing in the morning and a weekly one every Monday morning. His input and feedback on the week ads strategy is imperative and the team will not make a move on marketing without consulting with him first.
  1. Ben was the first of the team to learn how to use the advanced features of our E-Commerce platform. He often communicates with our web design agency to report problems with the website and to suggest vital improvements that can boost our SEO.
  1. He is now responsible for the  E-Commerce maintenance.
  1. He handled an international import by himself.

For all of this reasons we hope he is awarded Apprentice of the month."

-Nathalia Aguilera (PR & Communications Manager)

We would also like to say a big thank you to everyone that nominated. Please see below for the other great nominations.

Kieran has demonstrated skills that are above and beyond what is expected of him this month. From 1st – 25th Oct he closed a staggering 150 cases, more than anyone else in the team. He took ownership of a recent Office 2016 upgrade for one of our major clients and ensured everyone had minimal downtime. Kieran also responded to 531 cases in this time frame, again more than any of his colleagues.

In this time Kieran achieved a 4.35 overall rating for feedback, the maximum is 5. Considering the amount of feedback received this is a superb figure. Some comments left by our clients are: “Found Kieran great, all problems seem to be resolved, he helped so much that day. I really appreciated it” and “Great support from Kieran, knew exactly what we needed and worked with me to get them both up and running quickly. Many thanks”

Kieran has also helped his colleagues out with knowledge sharing, has recently gone the extra mile participating in a case blitz that along with his colleagues stayed at work and tried resolving cases out of hours.

Now an established engineer, he continues to develop and eager to learn and take more difficult tasks on.

Chantal has gone from leaps to bounds since joining us and has fitted into the team extremely well. She has quickly adapted to the way our company work and has listened carefully to all instructions given. We have felt comfortable at an early stage giving her work to complete on some of our largest clients as we feel confident in her abilities in the role. She is quick to learn (normally only taking one time) and she has ambition to succeed. Another key aspect for Chantal is her willingness to be creative in her thinking and has come up with suggestions off her own back on various aspects of her role.

We strongly welcome this at our company and the majority of products and systems have come from suggestions and feedback from our staff which we believe it vital for healthy growth within a company. All in all I don’t think you could ask for more in an employee and if she carrys on in the same path then we can see a very bright future for Chantal here at Get Your Mobi. So in our opinion she certainly deserves a place as apprentice of the month to show our appreciation of the good work she has done so far.

James started his apprenticeship here at Taopix in August after a six week traineeship with us earlier this summer.

As an introduction to Taopix, all of the apprentices spent a week in each department of the business to give them full visibility of what we do as a company. One week was to be spent doing practise server installations on both Windows and Linux servers. James was extremely attentive when being shown how to do this by the trainer, this led to James finishing both tasks in faster than expected timescales.

Thanks to James’ competence and skill level, he was able to help our Customer Service team with customer installs and upgrades during their busy times. James was able to work completely independently on the task and completed the work of a skilled engineer with significant experience. This helped the team significantly with a backlog of work and allowed them to manage staff holidays.


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  • Company name
  • Reason for nomination

The winning nomination will be posted on our website. The deadline for submissions is the last day of each month.

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