Get the skills for the future of business: Become a Software Development or Digital Marketing apprentice

Written on: 20 April 2020

Written by: Frances Hardcastle



The Coronavirus pandemic is shining a light on how important digital technology and content can be. From the video call software that is keeping us connected, to the articles, videos and posts that make us feel less alone - the digital world is coming into its own during this difficult time.

Behind the scenes, this is all powered by creative, logical and inspiring individuals, including people working in software development and digital marketing. Why not join them and kickstart an exciting career in tech through an apprenticeship?

As businesses react to Coronavirus, there has been a shift in attitude as those outside the tech bubble start to realise the value these skilled workers bring to organisations.

Software developers have been instrumental in rolling out patches, bug fixes and optimising their products for a higher number of users. Web developers have been creating new back-end inventory management tools to help businesses adapt their online retail offer, and redesigning sites to help communicate service changes to customers. Some coders have even developed apps from scratch to bring together local volunteers or set up new delivery services.

Digital Marketers are also playing a central role. From producing social media campaigns about brand new services to recreating internal company culture through digital platforms, digital marketing teams have been busy over the last few weeks. Communication has never been more important, and that includes the way organisations communicate with their customers. Digital marketers are required to think outside the box, capture the public mood, and retain customer confidence, trust and buy-in for their brands.

If either of these sound like the varied and exciting career you're looking for, we'd love to hear from you!

Baltic Apprenticeships work with friendly and exciting businesses to recruit and train the next generation of digital marketers and software engineers. With Baltic, you'll be working full-time with one of our specially selected companies, and training as you earn.

Part of your time at work will include training sessions through our interactive online SMART Classroom - specially designed so that you can learn from anywhere with an internet connection.

We look for people with a passion for technology and a willingness to learn. If you love the logic and challenge of writing code, or get excited about the creative possibilities of online platforms, why not find out about our Digital Marketing or Software Development programmes? You can also check out our live apprenticeship vacancies to find your perfect role.

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