Learners of the Week - November

Written on: 30 November 2017

Written by: Baltic Apprenticeships


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Each week our trainers will pick their Learner of the Week. We would like to say a massive thank you to all of the apprentices that put in hard work during work and on training.

Week Commencing 13/11/2017

Owen is a gifted learner, easily completing the assignments to a high standard, he has spoken very well on the mic displaying excellent subject knowledge.

Oliver has been absolutely brilliant. Always the first to finish tasks to the best of his ability, he has shown some excellent knowledge on both VB and Event driven programming. He is always polite and helpful, and is not afraid to question something that he believes doesn't make sense or something he is unsure of. A real pleasure to have on course.

Ben was keen to learn, and always asked when he was unsure. At times he needed reassurance that he was completing tasks correctly but he usually was!

Rob is always great to have on course. He is always up for speaking on mic and starts some great discussions. Well done.

Contributed to the class discussion. Callum's microphone usage could be better but has made some improvements as the week has gone on. Callum has made some real improvements on testing, and is now enjoying the materials, and making excellent progress. As such he is my learner of the week. Well done.

Jacob was knowledgeable, and spoke on AJAX and many other subjects. He coded his site in HTML and was shown how to upload via FTP.

Darius is a great learner, and provided excellent examples, and also took part in all the activities. He presented great work and can be proud of himself :) Well done!

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