Case Study: Where Could Our Digital Technologies Pre-Apprenticeship Take You?

Written on: 27 November 2020

Written by: Frances Hardcastle


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A pre-apprenticeship programme is a great way to test drive some training to see if an apprenticeship is right for you. At Baltic, we offer a Level 1 Diploma in Digital Technologies. This three-week programme lets you explore digital career pathways, including IT support, software development and digital marketing.

We caught up with Jordan Buckel, who recently completed this programme, to see what he gained from the training. Jordan is now a Digital Marketing Apprentice with MonkeyFish Marketing, taking the first steps to his dream career as a copywriter.

Q: What were you doing before you started the programme?

I was recently unemployed after leaving my previous IT role and was looking for a career change.

Q: What did you hope to get out of the training?

I heard of the programme via Baltic. Keely, my Digital Careers Advisor, suggested the course as it was beneficial towards securing an apprenticeship role. I was looking for a good refresher course on digital skills and workplace behaviours.

Q: What technical training did the pre-apprenticeship cover?

The training covered numerous different aspects of digital technologies, such as coding principles, IT troubleshooting, network setup, digital marketing and a few other essential skills for the workplace.

Although I had worked for some time previously, the course was a great refresher on workplace behaviours and values. I found the teamwork activities very useful in helping me get back into the mindset of working with others.

Q: What was your most useful take-away from the training?

For me, the most useful take-away from the course was the module on marketing, specifically the 4 Ps of Marketing: product, price, place and promotion. Although I'd been reading up on marketing for over a year, I hadn't come across the 4 Ps before and found them very useful when approaching my work.

Q: How did the team at Baltic Apprenticeships help support you?

Keely was a great help, both in securing my place on the pre-apprenticeship course as well as my current apprenticeship. She was friedly, courteous and understanding at every step. Keely kept me well-informed at every stage of the process and helped keep me on track.

Even after the training was over, Baltic supported me at every step. Keely touched base with me regularly to make sure I was comfortable and up to date.

Q: What are you next steps in establishing your digital career?

Soon after finishing the programme, I began my apprenticeship at MonkeyFish Marketing, using my newly refreshed skills and knowledge to help me with my new role. My first few weeks have been great! I'm settling in well and Baltic have continued to stay in touch with both me and my manager, providing any relevant updates.

My ultimate goal is to become a freelance copywriter and I believe that my time at MonkeyFish Marketing will allow me to develop the necessary skills and knowledge that I will need to achieve this in the long run.

Q: Would you recommend the pre-apprenticeship programme to other people interested in a digital career?

I would definitely recommend the pre-apprenticeship programme to anyone looking to get into a digital apprenticeship role, even if you are already digitally skilled. I was apprehensive that I would learn anything on the course, given my technical background, but it was actually very informative and insightful.

An Employer's Perspective: MonkeyFish Marketing

Jordan's manager, Graham Caldwell, let us know how he was settling in:

"Jordan is finding his feet well. He is a talented copywriter that, with the right kind of development, will make a great asset to the team at MonkeyFish Marketing. Jordan is a driven and ambitious individual who wants to excel in his field. Since beginning, Jordan has picked up a decent amount of knowledge surrounding the marketing industry and has made a good start. We look forward to seeing what skills and behaviours that he can further develop with us.

"The business is currently going through a stage of growth and development and we were looking for skilled local individuals that were new to the industry that we could help develop and grow in their role whilst fostering our values and morals.

"Like lots of new employees, Jordan has provided a fresh pair of eyes and brings new and different skills to the table. It's always good to have different perspectives and different ways of looking at things."

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