Apprentice of the Month - December 2018

Written on: 19 January 2018

Written by: Baltic Apprenticeships


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Congratulations to Kieran Howe from True Potential for his continued hard work! He will be receiving £50 in high street vouchers.

Kieran joined True Potential in January 2017 and has been a real asset and ambassador for Baltic Training.
He has received praise from all staff and management on our site and has also supported in person our London Belgravia office, travelling down to assist with issues they were having.
Kieran has worked on numerous self proposed projects from things he has learnt on his courses and studies.
Major new rollout projects like cyber security using Dark Trace and also the Sophos Encryption projects... anti virus change to Sophos project and End-point encryption projects has seen Kieran show a keen interest and has been a key player in the whole of those development and rollout plans into the live environment.
Using his knowledge of ITIL he has been championing this to his team colleagues and driving them to deliver the same sort of service to the business as we as a Team embrace the whole ITIL implementation here at our Head Office site.
Kieran has managed to balance his work expectations as well as his coursework and projects he has offered to be involved in.
I enjoy the opportunity to discuss resolutions and play devils advocate to suggestions he makes... thus developing his challenging skills and putting his argument forward.. it really has been a pleasure to see Kieran develop in his first year .. and despite nominations in the past i can only highly recommend an award for him as he nears the end of his course for this year.
Congratulations Kieran on an excellent 100% professional first year with True Potential and Baltic Training Services

Rick Durrant

We would also like to say a big thank you to everyone that nominated, please see below!

I would like to nominate our digital marketing apprentice, Jake Bellamy. Jake has become an invaluable member of the WUKmedia team. He still can’t make a decent cup of coffee but that is his only failing! He has taken on board his role with us and has exceeded expectations both in commitment to the company and application in his work. Jake now controls all customer blogs and knows how to optimise them (get them on page one of Google). His blogs are well researched and very well written. Jake has also been instrumental in creating a “Blog Character” we are using for a record company called “Mr Pug”. Jake has developed a voice for “Mr Plug” and helped design emoji concepts for the character. His blogs have helped attract visitors to our customers websites which in return gain deeper respect and understanding from our customers about what we provide for them.

Jake also looks after the customer base very well and communicates with excellence to the customers. On a daily basis Jake calls the customers as part of his daily routine. This allows him to develop his telephone skills and understand what makes our customers tick with regard to services we provide. His phone manner is perfect and he actually has understood how these ‘retention’ calls can also increase sales. As a team player he could not be better and he fits in with his colleagues perfectly. He is polite but also able to enjoy the ‘atmosphere’ of the business and understands a bit of office banter. His attendance and time keeping are excellent and his attitude to his colleagues faultless. Jake has really set himself up well for a career in digital marketing and should lead a very successful professional life. Jake will certainly be offered a position with WUKmedia at the end of his apprenticeship.


px is a 24/7 operational business, providing services, support and development to gas, power and fuel assets around the UK – in their trading, operations and maintenance and development. The px ICT team handle the ICT systems, keep things working, and help fix any issues people report. Harry’s started as our first px ICT Software Development Apprentice this month and has already made a positive impact on the development and delivery of key business systems. This has included our intranet and purchasing systems. It has meant Harry has had to step outside of his comfort zone and engage quickly, confidently and effectively with new people.

As an example Harry helped the ICT software support team brand their new service desk portal, which is used by all employees, into the new corporate layout using his web technology skills. Harry completed meetings with suppliers and other more senior ICT members, identified the required changes, brought the software, tested and retested the systems. In addition he has been involved in creating and working with other Head Office Departments on user requirement specifications – including automating forms and document control, developing, improving and supporting SharePoint systems.

His line manager has already received positive unsolicited feedback on Harry regarding his contributions: “Gents, Just a quick note to let you know what a good job Harry has done with the layout of the new service desk portal screens. It fits the px branding really well which will make it easy for users to navigate.”

He has also been heavily involved in the development and launch of the new corporate intranet, making changes, testing and checking with the department leads on the different sections within the intranet.

Harry has also been involved in a corporate development day, presenting to the CEO, Head of HR and Regional Ambassador for Apprentices for the North East on his apprenticeship and development to date. This was the first time he had made a presentation and although nervous, he prepared and delivered it confidently, taking questions. He also fully  participated in skills development activities and workshops relating to giving feedback and safety observations and investigations.

Harry has made a great start and will continuing to develop his skills and input, including working on our new company operating system which is a key business objective and deliverable for 2018 and also on new programming systems.


Connor Cheers joined us in November 2017, we have had many apprentices here at Eworks and in just a couple of months of being here, he has shown great progress and a keenness to go forward within the company.
Below you will find a description of the performance of Connor Cheers and why we at Eworksmanger believe he should be rewarded for his excellence since starting his apprentice with us.
Connor has brought enthusiasm passion and excitement to our development teams. Being our first official tester, the role Connor is doing is critical to the success of our final products.
This being said Connor has not been phased by this level of responsibility he has been given and has approached his work with the greatest levels of efficiency and professionalism.
From learning our existing systems and new products to picking up our software development tools and processes, Connor has shown not only a high desire to learn but also an acute focus and desire to quickly pickup new information to help our teams progress. Further to the above, Connor has also integrated his personality into the team, having a great sense of humour, Connor arrives and leaves with a smile even in the higher pressure situations.
The individual work Connor has done outside the development teams has demonstrated his attention to detail and has also helped keep himself and his work organised, this being said Connor is also open to learn from any experience given by the older members of the team and quickly reflects this in the next task he does.
In conclusion, we couldn’t be happier with Connor and the progress he is making, we believe both him and our product is improving with this appointment.
Everyone at Eworks thinks very highly of him as he is one of the most organized and compassionate employees. In a very short time he has learnt a lot of tools used for testing. He has even shown a very keen interest to learn about web pages, CSS, Java script and HTML. One of the most notable characteristics I have noticed is his time management as he is always punctual and knows what he is doing when he comes into work every day.
His thirst for knowledge is incredible and passionate in his work. He comes to work everyday with a smile on his face with no lack of effort and is also after a new challenge every day, completing job after job and wanting more assignments every time. He is never behind on work even within the busiest time of the year and will never miss a deadline.
Since Connor has joined, he has been heavily involved in our major development projects and working on the launch of projects within the company.
We are excited to continue to work with Connor throughout his apprenticeship and optimistic about his future.

I would like to nominate 17 year old Noor Ul Amin for his outstanding start to the apprenticeship programme. Our customer, has raised questions about the benefits of Computacenter using the Baltic Apprenticeship training programme when recruiting young personal to work as a first line service desk analyst. Noor’s attitude and exemplary conduct has shown this since he started in December why we use this programme.
He is enthusiastic and has shown a willingness to learn from day one. He’s responded well to his training programme, absorbing all the information and knowledge that was being provided to him. Noor settled in well with his new team members, immediately identifying senior members and approaching them with questions, showing his eagerness to learn more.
He is competitive in nature, seeks to better himself each day, as a result of this he is inspiring and brings energy and drive to my team. He understands the importance of his apprenticeship and is always looking to complete all course work ahead of schedule. This has shown his maturity in already balancing his coursework with his daily job.
He has shown his commitment to work by travelling 15 miles every day to his work location at times using public transport and has never been late. Noor also made effort to attend work during the December snow period where other staff members unable to attend.
I would like to thank Noor for being a good example of why Computacenter should use Baltic Training Programmes.

This email is a formal nomination for David Marsland, my apprentice, to become apprentice of the month. David has been a great help working alongside me and the team Tech Service Partner. He has been working with us now for only 6 months, yet it feels like he’s been here a lot longer due to his ability to adjust quickly. He accepts any challenges thrown towards him and gets them done as if it wasn’t his first time doing them. His job role as a service desk analyst has proven to be something he can easily cope with, along with other jobs we provide him with, such as computer building for customers we feel as though he can get all task done whiles developing his skills further. David’s attendance and punctuality is 100% and next week David attends his last course of 5, already passing his first exam with others booked in

David has adapted to covering both shifts on the service desk and also covered 6 Saturdays so far since he started his apprenticeship. David has also stayed behind late to help us meet deadlines for computers that had to be built and sent to our customer, without his help that deadline wouldn’t have been met.

All in all David has fitted in very well and we wouldn’t be the same company without him



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