Apprentice of the Month - October 2017

Written on: 15 November 2017

Written by: Baltic Apprenticeships


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Congratulations to Joshua Parriss from Learning Disability Partnership Board - Northamptonshire City Council for his continued hard work! He will be receiving £50 in high street vouchers.

I would like to nominate Joshua Parriss for Apprentice of the Month. Josh has become an integral member of the Learning Disability Partnership Board Team, and has greatly raised the profile of the LDPB using his social media and marketing skills.


Josh has worked on a number of different projects in his time at the LDPB all of which have positively enhanced the image of LDPB and our existing work. Josh has done this by establishing and developing a presence in the social media field, creating and designing brands for events and campaigns and has developed various promotional materials.


A significant project Josh recently developed and lead was the production of hate crime awareness film to raise awareness about disability hate crime in partnership with Screen Northants. Josh was instrumental to the success of the project and took responsibility from the early stages of negotiation to the publication of the final product. Josh developed an immediate rapport with our potential partners and ‘sold’ the initial idea to them very quickly.



Following an initial meeting with our partners and the LDPB manager Josh picked up the subsequent development meetings on her behalf. Josh checked in and fed back on key points appropriately without prompts and showed himself very capable to plan and implement the project in an agreed and very tight timescale.


A crucial part of the project was the recruitment of youngsters with learning disabilities and Special Educational needs to take part in a two week film workshop culminating in three days live filming experience. Josh worked hard on recruiting participants using various marketing tools including use of the LDPB website and social media platforms. Josh and the LDPB manager also appeared on local radio to promote the project and raise awareness of Disability Hate Crime. Josh dealt with the unrehearsed interview very professionally and presented a positive image for the LDPB.


Throughout the filming process which Josh not only helped with shaping the vision of the film but also supported those taking part ensuring that their voices were heard and skills utilised, and that they were fully engaged in the project and received the best experience possible. During the 2 weeks Josh updated the social media regularly again not only raising the profile of the LDPB but also raising awareness of Disability Hate Crime. The filming was a success and all enjoyed the 2 weeks on set.


Josh then continued to liaise with Screen Northants during the editing process and through his determination the LDPB was able to launch a polished final product during National Hate Crime week. Josh again led on this event securing a suitable stage venue, ensuring catering, equipment and technology was in place. He also took the key role of showing the films during the evening and helping to ensure the wider event ran smoothly. As a result of the event the LDPB has received a lot of positive feedback and requests to use the films.


Josh worked extremely hard throughout the project and demonstrated many skills. He went over and above to ensure that all taking part felt included and valued. It is a great success and he should be justly proud of his achievement.


Claire Walliker

We would also like to say a big thank you to everyone that nominated, please see below!

During September and October Emma set up a brand new account on the Amazon Vendor portal.

Uploading nearly 200 products, descriptions, photos and other detailed information such as dimensions, environmental specifications and packaging specifications.

She then had to purchase and allocate individual barcodes SKN numbers for each product.

There was an extremely complicated and detailed Excel Template that had to be filled in and multiple technical difficulties in getting the data into the exact format required. Emma had to raise several ‘cases’ which Amazon dealt with in time.

The product photos we had already taken had to be converted into the exact format required by Amazon, this was a big task given there were nearly 200 products and photos.

The template was accepted by Amazon and orders were raised by Amazon for some of the products listed.

Once the orders had been raised by Amazon, Emma had to generate internal Sales Orders, produce the barcodes and custom barcode labels and ensure the goods were shipped during Amazon’s specified Delivery window. She then had to raise the delivery notes, packing slips and shipping labels from the Amazon portal. The last step was producing the Sales Invoices and inputting these on the Amazon portal.

We have now had four separate orders from Amazon and these products are now featured on Amazon Prime, something which definitely would not have happened without Emma’s input.

Emma is now in her last month of her initial one year apprenticeship and deserves this accolade for the work she has put into this and other projects.

Jacob has been nominated as Learner of the week based on his current progress on the course which he is currently undertaking with Baltic Training. Do I think that he deserves the recognition well I must say I do. So far Jacob has undertaken 2 training session during working hours and study during his own time which shows that he is keen to learn. He also brings questions back to the office by questioning other team members based on what he is learning, this creates interaction with other members of the team which I believe strengthens his learning. When in the office Jacob works under own initiative to complete any tasks he is assigned. If he is not sure of anything he either asks a team member where he should look for the answer and then carries out his own investigation on what he needs to do. Any task he undertakes or knowledge he acquires is not kept to himself instead he turns the task or new knowledge into documentation so that it is available for other team members. If he identifies a way in which thinks he can improve the day to day operations within the IT Department he will discuss this with other team members, if value is identified from the improvement then it is implemented as a matter of course. Jacob is deserving of 'Learner of the Week'.

Fiona began with us at Get Your Mobi as a Web Design Apprentice towards the end of August 2017 and her performance has been nothing short of spectacular from day one.
She quickly learned the ropes of our systems of work and has excelled in every aspect of her role, receiving a large amount of praise from multiple Account Managers regarding the quality of her work for their customers.

What makes Fiona’s performance stand out above all others is that her attention to detail, eye for design and dedication to producing high quality work are matched equally by her astounding work rate, with her regularly reaching and exceeding performance targets set for established members of the Design Team.

Over the month of October, Fiona has continued to progress at an exceptional level, continuing to produce high quality work at a fantastic rate whilst simultaneously learning new aspects of coding and expanding her knowledge; she is always eager to learn and understand how and why a certain line of code works in the way that it does.
It has been an absolute pleasure to welcome Fiona onto my team, if she continues at her current rate I am supremely confident that she will be a driving force in many future successes for both herself and her colleagues. She is the epitome of what we hope from all apprentices and I sincerely hope that her achievement is recognised; I honestly couldn’t imagine a greater paragon for Baltic’s apprenticeship scheme.

Jake has settled into our company and now feels as much a part of the business as the full time staff. Everybody loves Jake. Apart from grasping the fundamentals of his role on our business very quickly Jake’s personality shines through. His attention to detail is impeccable and no request is too much and always full attention and with a smile. He has even learned (well almost) how to make a decent cup of coffee. I feel pretty confident that by the end of Jake’s apprenticeship we will be eager not only to offer him a full time position but his full time position has been carved out by Jake himself with his fantastic contributions in both ideas and implementation. He is already totally responsible for our customer’s blogs and no longer needs supervision. Some of the blogs are for high end companies with complicated structures yet his blogs read perfectly for their industries. He has learned in depth SEO processes and continues to grasp this ‘grey’ art at higher levels every week.

We are very pleased to have taken Jake on as an apprentice and I would not hesitate to take on another apprentice in the future if Jake is the calibre of person available. Absolutely fantastic.

Katy has made a great start with Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority. She has an enthusiastic approach, fitted in very well and started to build good relationships.
She is keen to learn and has worked hard, listening to and learning from colleagues and has tackled her apprenticeship qualification studies enthusiastically. She has also carried out a full induction programme which consisted of meetings with managers and other key officers around the Authority to learn about their area of responsibility and how her role will relate to theirs.

Katy has also been quick to put what she has learnt into practice. She is already involved in developing and implementing our social media activity, regularly posting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+. She also uses our social media management tool, Hootsuite. She is now getting to grips with our website’s content management system and is starting to edit content to improve pages.

Katy has also demonstrated good teamwork working closely with our Tourism Team to help promote our recent first Cheese Festival and make it a success. This included posting a large schedule of social media posts, for which she designed a digital poster to promote different events. Katy will now get similarly involved with the team putting together our Dark Skies Festival, producing social media and web content.

As Katy’s confidence builds she is becoming more pro-active in communicating with others and makes good contributions to team discussions. Katy already puts forward her own good ideas for what we should do, identifying good topics to post about.
After nearly two months, Katy has already made herself a valuable member of the Communications Team and we’re delighted to have her here.

We would like to nominate Ryan for the apprentice of the month.
Ryan Joined our team at the start of September and has been an amazing asset to the team. His dedication to both his work and his course are second to none.
He works well and gets stuck in and is eager to learn and grow within the business.
I have no doubt that he will do an amazing job on his course and with us here on his digital marketing journey.

I could write 200 words my friends but we are busy bee’s and I cannot spend more time writing.

He should win though.

I would like to nominate Jonathan Wynne for Apprentice of the Month.
Jonathan shows a can-do attitude to all aspects of his role, he often reaches out to take on extra work and is an excellent addition to our team. We are excited to have him on board and for him and Clever IT, the future is bright if he carries on like this.
Jonathan is rapidly becoming an integral part of our organization. His exemplary time-keeping ensures he is ready for action and prepared to face the day. He is conscientious and thorough and is excellent under pressure. He is becoming a real asset to our team and I’m delighted to have him onboard.
He is an excellent example of good work ethic coupled with an eagerness to learn.

Jack joined S-cool Youth Marketing in June 2017 aged 17, and has fitted in to the team seamlessly from day 1.
Jack is one of only two people in the team developing an exciting new product in-house. In that situation, it is fundamental that he is able to contribute as he learns so that we are able to meet our milestones.
In a small team, you need to do be ready to turn your hand to a bit of everything. A 'can do' attitude is really important.
And if I am out of the office for work / holiday, Jack needs to be able to work and think independently, and act as the face of our project.
Jack has risen to the challenge brilliantly.
Across a wide range of activities including concept development, marketing and software development he has repeatedly demonstrated:
- organisation and focus on completing high quality work - no matter how exciting or mundane the task
- commitment to learning - in developing skills for S-cool projects as well as on his focus for Baltic modules
- a willingness to contribute ideas and to question the received wisdom when appropriate - strengthening the quality of team processes and outputs
- an appetite for teaching and supporting others when asked to share knowledge and team work

- a confident and mature approach to work making him a strong and reliable team player.
In early November we launch our beta resources to a controlled audience - a significant achievement for Jack in only 6 short months since stepping out of an A-level classroom.
We are looking forward to what he will achieve in his next 6 months!

I would like to nominate Reece Chadwick, Full Circle IT Solutions Ltd.
Reece is coming to the end of his apprenticeship and this is clearly evident in his performance at work, where we have seen him develop so much over the past 18 months. Although he is a fairly quiet character, he is confident in himself and in the work he does. He tackles all jobs with great tenacity, particular new and usual enquiries which sometimes require a lot of persistence. He is considerate of the customer’s needs through jobs, keeping them updated with progress. He handles all customer enquiries in a calm, reassuring manner, helping to alleviate any stresses or concerns with regards to the IT issues they are experiencing.
Working for an IT company can often provide unusual challenges and can require some tasks to be completed outside of standard working hours. Reece is always prepared to work on these job, highlighting not only his commitment to his job, but also his keen and willing attitude to learn more skills within the workplace. He relishes working side by side with his peers and senior members of staff, using every experience as a learning one and a chance to develop his skills further. I believe it is these characteristics which will help Reece develop into a complete IT Professional.

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