Apprentice of the Month - October 2020

Written on: 23 November 2020

Written by: Baltic Apprenticeships



As we move on through Lockdown 2, it can sometimes feel as though not much has changed since March (except the weather of course). So, you can imagine how delighted we were to hear about the progress our learners have been making this year!

If you're in need of cheering up, we personally guarantee that this month's nominations will do the trick and get you smiling. Let's roll!

Apprentice of the Month

This month's winner is Chloe Weaver, a Level 3 Digital Marketer at Allsee Technologies. Chloe was nominated by her manager, Thomas Fraser-Bacon, who told us about how Chloe has made this year her own:

"Chloe has been a great employee since joining Allsee a year ago. In the first few months she developed her skillset quickly, focusing on improving areas that had been identified as her weakest - while also improving on skills she was already gifted in, such as writing. Since working from home, Chloe has taken her role to another level.

"Chloe demonstrates exemplary collaboration and cooperation skills on a daily basis. During our daily video calls Chloe contributes valuable suggestions and feedback - both for her own work and the work of her colleagues.

"While working remotely for the last 6 months, Chloe has managed to develop her skills exponentially in spite of many of the associated hurdles. She has regularly demonstrated levels of commitment and discipline well beyond her tenure. Regardless of an ever-increasing workload, Chloe always manages to keep a calm and polite demeanour. Whether communicating with her colleagues or customers, Chloe consistently maintains a professional and cheerful tone. This has been imperative to maintaining morale, especially for other team members who are also working remotely.

"During the pandemic, we, as a company and department, have recognised the importance of communicating with and supporting our customers. Chloe has been instrumental in leading the research to validate this principle as well as suggesting and implementing ways that we can achieve our goals. For example, Chloe suggested supporting our partners by creating an email shot template which we could customise for our customers and even send out on their behalf. Not only has this generated a significant number of new sales enquiries, but has also demonstrated to our customers the levels of additional support that we can offer - which has gone a long way to improve existing relationships."

Well done Chloe!

Stand Out Nominees:

Throughout this month, we received four other incredible nominations, including a Cyber apprentice who has made a massive difference to security, two amazing IT apprentices working hard to keep school children learning through the pandemic, and an apprentice trying his hand at writing Robotic Process Automation software to help out other teams.

Here are some of the highlights that make us #ProudToBeBaltic:

Alex Quinn, Nectere

"Alex has been with us for just over a year now and I have seen him grow into a confident and respected member of our IT and development team. As with many apprentices, he has had to cope with the instability that the current Covid working environments have enforced.

"He has proven to be hard working and trustworthy when close supervision is not an option. His level of confidence to tackle new and challenging tasks is a welcome asset to the team. He has been completing his study work to a very high standard and is ahead of his original completion date to finish the course.

"He has not only worked supporting the Senior Developer, but has recently been developing his own RPA robots to ease the workload on several departments in our organisation.

"It is not only myself he has impressed - the company directors have also praised his work. We are all proud of what Alex has achieved."

James Bertram - Norham High School

"James is a young friendly engineer and an absolute star in the eyes of our staff. No matter what type of issues come his way, James always tackles it with a positive attitude and strives to do his best.

"James joined us in August, at the peak of the Coronavirus pandemic. This was a hugely difficult time for schools preparing to welcome back pupils and urgently prepare to migrate to a remote working environment to allow the young people to continue their education in the event of a second wave. James has been fundamental in this process and supported the team to manage this seamlessly.

"James is an early bird and brightens our day arriving in school at 7am; always with a smile on his face. He is a joy to work with and everyone at Norham High School applauds his efforts and sings his praises."

Karl Plotka, Loomis UK Ltd

"Karl's hard work and dedication to the apprenticeship course has been an invaluable source of additional insight and technical skills for us as a company. He has a superb focus on technical details which I believe is a fundamental core skill for his current programme of Cyber Security Technologist.

"With the insight Karl's efforts have brought us, we have definitely gained an increased level of information security protection against a rising global threat! I'm very pleased and proud of his progress so far and look forward to a rewarding course completion.

"Karl will regularly go above and beyond required effort to extend his research or knowledge through peer discussions or own research with a hunger in terms of participation with all applicable IT projects overlapping into the Cyber Security world.

"This is of course as much about his career and personal development as it is for Loomis UK strengthening our defences of which Karl will be a pillar resource. I would also like to extend my thanks to Baltic Apprenticeships (all of Karl's mentors and trainers) for their involvement in helping Karl achieve his goal."

Murtaza Sheikh, Intelatech

“Since joining Intelatech Murtaza has had a massive impact on our team. He is always willing to help with any project and has a real willingness to learn. His attitude to learning is fantastic, always making detailed notes to refer back to.

"Murtaza is always asking questions and is able to retain information. He has even worked on projects on his own which has helped out the team massively with deadlines.

"As a company we mainly provide support to schools. Murtaza has been a massive help with setting up home learning and making sure children have access to Microsoft Teams. He has also been able to help source and repurpose devices to be allocated to disadvantaged children for home learning. Murtaza has been working on a project to install Chrome OS on older equipment that would otherwise have been disposed of. This has helped schools out with regards to budget.

"During the pandemic, the work Murtaza has carried out has had a massive impact on the children’s learning. Without Murtaza’s help we would be behind on this project, his help and willing attitude has really made a difference."

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