Apprentice of the Month - November 2021

Written on: 30 November 2021

Written by: Anna Peart



Remember, remember our superstars from November…

The end of the year is approaching, and it’s our last Apprentice of the Month award for 2021! Before we indulge in a month of Christmas shopping, festive movie marathons and present wrapping – we’re gifting you with some outstanding apprentice achievements.

Apprentice of the month winner 

Our Apprentice of the Month Winner for November 2021 is Adam Simpson. Adam is currently doing his Level 3 Digital Marketing Apprenticeship at Healthy Stuff, and is excelling in his role.

Director of Operations, Cris West, highlighted how Adam has progressed through his apprenticeship:

“Adam has stepped up his role in the team and has grown and amended his role in multiple ways. Firstly, he has created and managed all our Black Friday output for 12 different businesses. This included creating the graphics, managing the social channels, and designing 27 different newsletters to ensure we reach maximum exposure over our busiest sale period. Although a lot of pressure, Adam has happily taken on more responsibility, and been able to hold his own in meetings.”

“Due to some changes in the department, we are moving some of the customer communication part of social media marketing over to Customer Service. Without any issue or problem, he ran a training session for the Customer Service team and even included change management to help this move go as easily as possible. This presentation ensured that everyone has taken to the new way of working and have become adept in the new system. He was confident, patient and explained it all well – not bad for 19!”

“We are very pleased to move Adam onto his Level 4 Marketing Apprenticeship, which means he will be with the company for another 18 months. We believe that his growth and development will help the company to move forward and keep with the times.

“Adam is a hardworking, confident, genuine asset to the team, and I really hope he is recognised for his success through Baltic.”

We are delighted that Adam has decided to further his career even more by deciding to complete a Level 4 Digital Marketing Apprenticeship with Baltic. Congratulations Adam, keep up with amazing work!

Stand out nominees

This month we received an incredible number of stand-out nominations! So, without any further ado, here are 16 amazing apprentices, who all deserve to be recognised for their achievements:

Charles Baldwin, ITS

“Charles demonstrates a genuine interest in learning about our business so he can be better informed when producing data reports. I wish you could bottle his energy and passion for the work he produces. He takes full responsibility for his assigned work and is a true team player which is evidenced when he reaches out to help others within the business to help them understand how they can make the best use of the data available. I think what stands out about Charles is he reflects daily on what value he has added with the work he has undertaken, and quickly rectifies when he feels it could be undertaken more efficiently.”

Chloe Stefanovic, Potteries Educational Trust

“Chloe joined the team in unusual circumstances at the start of the pandemic when the majority of colleges had closed, and staff were working from home. Regardless of the issues we were facing, Chloe quickly became an integral part of the team. Along with outstanding feedback from her workshops, Chloe is well on her way to excelling in her apprenticeship and has fast become a highly respected member of the team.”

Chris Wagner, The Private Office

“Chris has settled in at our firm really well and is already adding value in the short time he has been with us. He is incredibly diligent and has great attention to detail. Chris can be given brief details of a task or project and will use his own initiative and all available resources to fill in the gaps to ensure he has a thorough understanding to allow him to carry out the required work to the best standard. He has a great ‘have a go’ attitude and has been happy to be involved in any projects or tasks presented to him.”

Elise Willinger, Protocol

“Throughout what has been the busiest work period in our business, Elise has been diligent towards her role whilst also taking on additional responsibilities due to a recent promotion and has shown continued dedication to her apprenticeship whilst using her developed skill set in her role. Alongside that, Elise has been assisting in training our newest member of the team, also a Baltic apprentice, and helping him adapt to his new role.”

Isaac Connor, Chi Software

Isaac recently completed an exercise for his SMART Classroom project which surprised even me, as it used technologies (such as OAuth) which we are not currently using as a team. Isaac has become a valuable member of the development team, submitting over 100 commits to a live project during his apprenticeship so far. He is quick to ask for help and advice and applies the things he learns well to existing and new code.

Jake Clark, Cairn Hotel Group

“Jake has really impressed me with his maturity, attendance and most of all his professionalism when dealing with fellow staff members. Jake has taken the bull by the horns and is already working on DeskPro answering first line queries. Jake has also worked tirelessly throughout our client PCs to ensure nodes are updated and windows critical\security patches have been applied. I feel Jake has progressed at a rapid speed and is already becoming an important part of the team.”

Kat Matthews, Cert Property

“The mixture of Kat’s own self-learning and on the job training is working really well for her as an individual and for me as her mentor. She’s absolutely smashing every task she’s given thanks to her determination to find solutions and speed of delivery. In the short time Kat has been with us she’s already managing our website content, researched what our competitors are doing across their digital marketing channels, created social media content plans, and is becoming proficient on our CMS platform, HubSpot.”

Lewis Palmer, Watson Woodhouse Solicitors

“Lewis has settled in with us incredibly quickly and has become an integral part of our team. He takes challenges in his stride and isn’t afraid to step up. Being part of a small team, Lewis has shown he can be relied upon and has made a positive impression on all staff. Lewis has started leading our Onboarding/Offboarding process and has been building and configuring our first batch of laptops as part of our Digital Transformation Plan. I myself would be lost without him, and I know the business would like to see him stay and build his career with us.”

Macaulay Richardson-Best, Affil8 Marketing

“Macaulay has been a true asset to our business since his appointment. We have found him to be bright, talented and he brings a real creative touch to his work. He can work autonomously and as part of the team. He is impressing our team with both his creative content and the speed at which he produces his work. Macaulay has been attaining knowledge and taking on new tasks with ease. He always asks questions and is comfortable making suggestions on how things can be approached differently.”

Megan Connor, Teesside High School

“Megan is showing a great understanding of online and offline marketing, pushing excellent content through channels both in and out of school, demonstrating an excellent knowledge of social media, and she has a great understanding of our ethos to go above and beyond for each and every pupil and parent. No job is too small for Megan; she is beyond helpful, and it is hard to imagine the marketing team without her support.”

Mike Rhodes, Active Lancashire

“Mike has grown in confidence and done such an excellent job of working on the launch of one of our new programmes. He is working very well with others within the marketing team and is using the learning from his apprenticeship study daily as he looks at our marketing and ways to improve it. He has come up with some excellent campaign ideas which he is putting into place, whilst completing the final stages of his study. He recently aced his final study block, and we are very proud of him for that, whilst moving house too!”

Natalia Chruscinska, Heritage Healthcare

“Natalia has settled in well with Heritage Healthcare and works hard, every day, to learn and reach her goals. Natalia has been creative and adaptive to the changing pace of our service. She brings new ideas to the table and is growing in confidence when in conversation with franchisees and Directors. Natalia brings positivity to our team, and can openly communicate how she is feeling, what she is learning and sharing her thoughts on different situations. This attitude has brightened the department and has helped develop a marketing department built on transparency and progression.”

Natalie Moscrop, Market Me

“Natalie has also passed all her apprenticeship exams with Baltic with flying colours averaging a 98.5% pass rate. Natalie is already way above an apprentice level and doing jobs I’d expect a member of staff to do who has been working with Market Me for many years and she is an invaluable asset to the team. Everyone in the team can only give positive feedback for Natalie and I can’t praise her enough, she has been outstanding since the day she joined and has an amazing personality and work ethic.”

Niamh McGahon, Via Creative

“Being a design and media agency, we were quite fussy when it came to the graphics of our service-based posts, but Niamh has adapted well using Canva for the first time to generate our on-brand posts. She has settled very well into the agency and is now looking at developing more areas of digital marketing including email marketing and Facebook & Instagram ads. Niamh has also picked up using Content Management Systems to help our web team with the content population on our client websites which is a big help.”

Robert Hoye, Equifax

“Rob was very happy to contribute verbally on the mic in the training course. His contributions were knowledgeable and enlightening! He filled in his workbook with a good attention to detail. His mock exam results were superb! I have a commitment from him that he will continue to progress through the course - enhancing his knowledge to help him build a better understanding of the Security landscape and support Equifax to be the most secure bureau.”

William Fort, Sundown Solutions

“This month Will has gone above and beyond in every aspect of his job and ensured that he has closed the loop with all of his customers. His due diligence on the security committee has ensured critical patching was applied within 3 hours of a zero D vulnerability being identified and he has spent time helping to assist and mentoring other colleagues. He has attended his apprentice training which saw him earn apprentice of the week - He is more than deserving of this accolade for endeavours in work and whilst in training.”

Nominate your apprentice

Apprentice of the Month will take a short break during the festive period, but we’ll be back in January sharing some amazing achievements from our learners.

To nominate your apprentice, please send us around 200 words to, or stay tuned for details of our 2022 Apprentice of the Year nominations!

Nominations are open until the 23rd of each month. Any nominations we receive after this date will be considered for the next award.

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