Apprentice of the Month - July 2021

Written on: 30 July 2021

Written by: Millie Bradley


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This July, we saw record heatwaves and Team GB landing in Tokyo ready for the Olympics. While Team GB have lined up some early medals, we’ve been saving our celebrations for our amazing apprentices!

This month, our employers have given us some great insights into the impact their learners make on a daily basis, and we’re here to share them with you:

Apprentice of the Month Winner

July’s Apprentice of the Month Winner is Naryse Cox, a Digital Marketing apprentice at BWL Consulting, a law firm that provides professional bid and legal services, alongside construction consultancy.

Naryse was nominated by her employer, Michael Lee, who gave us an insight into what she has achieved at BWL:

“Since commencing the apprenticeship in August 2020, Naryse has shown herself to be a proactive, articulate, and gifted young woman. The apprenticeship has helped Naryse to improve her confidence and realise her true potential.

“Naryse has been keen to share learning from her apprenticeship assignments based on factual evidence. The result is that the business has been able to make incremental improvements that resulted in an 11% increase to our revenue.

“Even though receiving the news of a critical illness diagnosis, Naryse has worked immensely hard around her many hospital appointments and additional quarantine procedures. Throughout this period, her determination to succeed has been unquestionable.

“Naryse has regularly collaborated with the wider group of employees, promoting a culture of mental well-being through positive comments and engagement across internal and external platforms. She has worked on building her confidence through engagement with our supply chain and subcontract workforce. Naryse confidently engages with content writers, developers, and designers in the UK and internationally. Her relationship-building skills are exemplary.

“Alongside this, Naryse was keen to start to move beyond her apprenticeship and take additional courses aimed at increasing her skills and competency, such as Beginners and Advanced Google Analytics courses.

“Following a call with Baltic Apprenticeships, Naryse has decided to commence the next level of the apprenticeship to enhance her learning and understanding of digital marketing. Baltic has been instrumental in guiding Naryse and providing her with the next steps.”

From everyone at Baltic, congratulations Naryse, we can't wait to see what you accomplish next!

Naryse Cox 2-1Apprentice of the Month Winner, Naryse Cox

Stand Out Nominees:

At Baltic, we believe each and every nomination is a success story that deserves to be shared, and this month we’ve had 8 nominees to celebrate!

July’s nominations were especially enjoyable to read through - with such a large variety of learners from many different industries. Check out the highlights of this month’s nominations below:

Charlotte Grayson, Erimus Insurance Brokers

“Not only has Charlotte excelled in her assignments, but she is a diligent, positive, and motivated employee. We recently increased Charlotte’s hours as she has taken on significant additional responsibilities since first joining us only 4 months ago, and is now considered a key part of the marketing team. Even when struck down with Covid, Charlotte was eager to continue doing her work from home, and even sat an exam!”

Emma Duffield, Fujifilm

“Emma started with us back in January and was warmly welcomed by the team and quickly became an integral member, her enthusiasm and cheerful personality is infectious. Following her induction she offered to become a mentor for new starters joining the business in later months, guiding them through the on-boarding process.

“Within the IT role she was so willing to get started in learning new skills as well as asking challenging questions, many of our users are working at home and Emma has prepared a number of guides to assist in getting them connected. She is keen to learn new skills and how we operate the business.

“It’s fair to say without exception everything she does is carried out to the best of her ability. Nothing is too daunting for her to tackle, and with guidance I see no reason why her IT career will not flourish.”


“Josh has been with GGRIP for 3 months and he is growing day by day, from graphic design, social media, video, content writing, web site stuff, product insight and much more!

“He is a valuable asset to the team, while we have been exploring investment and exponential growth, he has kept up with the challenges. Being involved in many secret projects, he has proven he is trustworthy and capable of working to the highest level and keeping up with global renowned brands.

“We can't wait to see where he is in a years’ time and looking forward to having him work on our upcoming projects.”


“Kendra joined the team full of passion and hasn’t once let that passion fade! Her attitude towards work, learning and more is nothing but admirable. No task is too big or small for Kendra. She has helped many members of the team from writing copy for social ads on a newly launched brand, to collecting and analysing data from the website and has come up with many great ideas for the email content calendar.

“Her biggest achievement to date have been the emails she’s briefed for our acne campaign, her contribution helped email revenue to double!! Which is an amazing achievement especially in just 3 months of being with the company. Kendra has only started out in her career so I am excited to see how far she gets in the Digital Marketing arena.”


“As soon as Luke started his apprenticeship with us at Harborough District Council, he has hit the ground running. He is always eager to offer his assistance to anything we have going on and has shown a real desire and drive to self-learn, he is consistently earning praise for his contribution throughout the Council.

“Luke is excellent at balancing his apprenticeship with his helpdesk role and is having a positive impact. Luke has been completing the modules and course work to a high level with most of his results being above 90%. He has continually display great professionalism and dedication to his work.

“Considering this is Luke’s first role out of education, he has become a great asset to our ICT team and has had such a positive impact that we are sure he has a bright future at Harborough District Council.”


“Nadia is performing according to expectations and even above, and she has proven to be a great addition to the team. Nadia has a strong will to learn and is not afraid to ask questions. She is also getting along really well with the team and the different stakeholders, who have nothing but good things to say about her.

“During her first three months, Nadia learned a lot of new tasks, took over new responsibilities, and even coordinated projects and campaigns from beginning to end, liaising with suppliers and the wider team.

“She has also shown a creative side, suggesting new ideas for our Social Media photography. Nadia takes feedback well and keeps improving her performance.”


“Sophie has only been with PSS since November of last year and it is no doubt hard starting a new job at the best of times and Covid added a new obstacle, but this didn't seem to bother Sophie as she has absolutely hit the ground running like we couldn't have expected.

“The main reason I am nominating Sophie is for her work over the last month on our cyber security audit. We are only a small IT team here at PSS so between 3 of us we had to go through around 300 laptops to check for updates, make sure the right software is installed and make sure the equipment matches up to our inventory and what we had on record. Sophie took this in her stride completing over 125 of the company laptops by either doing this in person or remotely using TeamViewer.

This couldn't have been easy for Sophie as she didn't know every member of staff she would be dealing with, but Sophie’s knowledge and ability to deal with people got her through and really makes her stand out.”


“Tobi has been working hard on the front-end for a new web checkout process for The Metal Store using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and linking up his code with some Ruby on Rails back-end. It went live last week and now sees hundreds of customers using it per day.

“We’ve just adopted Scrum for some projects which has coincided with Tobi’s learnings about software development methodologies with Baltic. Tobi’s taken in tons of information and sits with his giant tome CSS: The Definitive Guide beside him. As well as being a technical super star in the making, he’s also bringing warmth and laughter to the team.”

Well done to all our amazing nominees!

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