Apprentice of the Month - January 2021

Written on: 29 January 2021

Written by: Frances Hardcastle


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Welcome to 2021! A new year and a fresh cohort of Apprentice of the Month nominees who are absolutely smashing it in their work. 

This month, we've heard about Digital Marketers, IT Support Technicians and Software Developers who are regularly going above and beyond to make a difference in their team. We're so excited to share such lovely feedback with a wider audience - so let's dive in!

Apprentice of the Month

This month's winner was Lee Wilson, who is completing his Level 4 IT Professional qualification at SJOG Hospitaller Services. Lee was nominated by Chief Finance Officer, Leanne Welford, who shared the ways that Lee has made an impact on the charity:

"Lee has managed IT for SJOG for 2 years with minimal additional support. The charity has been through an extraordinary period of change and growth, supporting more people in need. During this time, Lee managed the transfer to Office 365 and the move to fully cloud-based systems, supporting the introduction of a new integrated IT system across the charity.

"Lee has approached his apprenticeship with enthusiasm and has grown in confidence and knowledge. This month, as well as winning apprentice of the week during training for his diligent approach to his studies, he has delivered amazing outcomes for us.

"At short notice, Lee managed to source and set up 150 tablets for use in a new outreach service supporting victims of Modern Slavery. This service will be critical in supporting extremely vulnerable people remotely in these difficult times.

"He also took a lead in arranging the entire IT infrastructure for the project and ensured adequate connections would be available for our colleagues and the people we support. In addition to this, Lee saved the charity £70,000 by sourcing free software licences to support the project. This was an amazing effort, recognised by all his colleagues. 

"Lee is well known for always being willing to help, to solve a problem, and to go the extra mile for the people we support. He is a valuable member of the SJOG family."

Well done Lee!


Apprentice of the Month, Lee Wilson

Stand Out Nominees: 

We received eight other nominations for this month's award (which has got to be a new record!). Reading through every single nomination, we were so proud to see what Baltic apprentices are capable of!

Here are some of the nomination highlights that really stood out from the crowd:

Aaron Wilson, Stonegate IT

"No matter what task Aaron is asked to do, he does it without question, with good grace and invariably without any mistakes. He's helpful, completely reliable, flexible and massively keen to learn. In addition to his technical ability, his customer service skills are second to none."

In fact, in what might be first for an Apprentice of the Month nomination, we received insight into the high regard Stonegate IT's customers have for Aaron: 

One said, "Aaron was absolutely lovely, so helpful and a credit to your company."

While another said: "As a self-confessed technophobe, Aaron was particularly patient with me and explained fully everything I needed to know about the system. I am very impressed with Aaron and was very surprised to hear he was an apprentice and not a senior member of the Stonegate team."

Ethan Galt, Corporate Culture

"Ethan has been with us for just under 6 months now and is working towards his digital marketing apprenticeship. In that time, Ethan has thrown himself into everything put before him and given it all 100%. 

"Whether it's updating our website with new blog posts, creating our monthly e-newsletters, or simply helping out other members of the team, he approaches everything with confidence and is eager to learn and help. No task is ever too big or small for him, and it's this real willingness to learn and positive attitude that has quickly forged him into someone we know we can depend on.

"Earlier this month, Ethan compiled his first ever quarterly campaign review for our e-newsletter marketing and delivered it directly to our MD - completely unscheduled and unprompted - and absolutely knocked it out of the park! So much so, our MD has personally requested that Ethan now provides monthly campaign updates to him directly, in the same format.

"We're really proud of how far Ethan has come in such a short time and are really looking forward to see him develop throughout the rest of his apprenticeship."

Gemma McGarvie, LMG Networks

“Gemma completed her Business Processes course and exam under difficult circumstances and with 4 children at home. Despite this, she stayed positive and continued to work extremely hard, passing everything with flying colours!

“Gemma has been massively out of her comfort zone as she has previously only minimal technical knowledge. She is continuing to push forward and taking her knowledge to the next level, putting in a lot of extra reading outside the training weeks and making sure she has the next training guide ahead of time to give her the best platform to pass the exams. She is a valued member of the business and technical team, keep it up!”

Kieran Riley, Pebble

“Kieran joined us as a Junior Developer in September and has quickly established himself as a dependable member of our product team. Working alongside other software engineers and designers, Kieran has proved to be a talented and knowledgeable developer whose ideas have already played a significant role in helping some of our biggest clients become fully cashless in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic.

“Kieran is incredibly proactive for his age and is always keen to help colleagues across the business understand the work being done within the product team. From demonstrating new features, to providing regular progress updates in all-hands meetings, Kieran demonstrates his commitment and collaboration skills on a daily basis.

“He has been integral to the development of new features that will improve the way schools communicate with parents and carers. Working closely with the digital team at, Kieran has been a model representative for our business and is already helping up to make a difference to the lives of children and young people throughout the UK.”

Luke Robson, The Dining Club Group

“Luke has consistently worked hard throughout his training and has always shown his enthusiasm for the training Baltic provide. Luke’s test results show that he has a good level of understanding, and he transfers this knowledge to his work environment, expanding on the skills he has already attained. He has been successful in integrating himself into the team despite the current restrictions and always displays a positive attitude to his work and training alike.

“Colleagues from across the business have provided positive feedback about Luke’s manner and willingness to help and his efforts to keep communication lines open if there is a need to gain advice about an issue he has been asked to deal with."

Mantas Brasiunas, BSPOKE Software/TotalRen Solutions

“Mantas has consistently met deadlines, has proven to be knowledgeable and self-sufficient when tackling new problems both in the workplace and while learning for coursework material. He has a strong voice and opinion in meetings and easily collaborates with teams across the company causing as little friction, while moving between projects, as possible. He adapts quickly and grows from strength to strength.

“Most recently he has been tasked with helping on a large rewrite of a commercial application that is currently in production, with the new rewrite needing fast paced iterations. Mantas immediately provided input into the development flow, design and structure of the overhauling project. He is an asset to the team and company with constant willingness to both improve and help others as well as his own work.”

Shayaan Latif, ACS Office Solutions

"Shayaan is my apprentice at a large secondary school. With the current lockdown, schools have a duty to provide online lessons. In order to achieve this, Shayaan has taken complete ownership of the task without prompting.

"Working closely with the Special Educational Needs and Student Support teams, he has sourced over 100 laptops this month, assessed them, fixed any problems, configured them and allocated them to students, all without the need of a single input from myself as his manager. This has allowed me to concentrate on educating teachers on how to use Microsoft Teams, thereby reducing disruption to teaching to negligible levels.

“This project has seen Shayaan delve into new technologies such as Microsoft Windows Deployment Service and VMware in order to create an updated build image to deploy to the laptops, reducing their production time by ensuring the latest Microsoft updates are pre-installed."

The headteacher at Shayaan’s school said, “I am truly grateful that Andy and Shayann are keeping us all afloat in this era of remote learning.”

Tallitha Walton, Industrial Technology Systems Ltd

“Tally has already had an impact at ITS in the first couple of months working with us. She has been consistently praised for her efforts and for the way she communicates with people. She has won an award for consistently living the company values, which was won through nominations from her colleagues. Tally is keen to learn and to put that learning into practice, she is always looking to help people and comes up with Big Ideas to improve systems and processes.

“Tally is a pleasure to work with and has helped make our office a happier place to work.”

Nominate Your Apprentice

That's all folks!

We'll be taking a short break while we run the nominations for our coveted Apprentice and Employer of the Year awards. Please watch this space (or our Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts) for more information shortly.

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