Apprentice of the Month - August 2021

Written on: 31 August 2021

Written by: Anna Peart


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This month, as always, we saw a significant number of outstanding nominations from employers. Even though the summer is almost over, our apprentices can always be relied on to add sunshine to our day! While all the nominations were strong, there was one apprentice who stood out from the crowd.

Apprentice of the month winner

August’s Apprentice of the Month Winner is Jasmine Rocks, a Level 3 Digital Marketing Apprentice at The Independent Education Consultants. Jasmine was nominated by Consultancy Business Manager, Anna McAndrews.

Anna gave us a great insight into the impact Jasmine has made over the last couple of months:

In such a short time Jasmine has become an essential member of our team and whilst she is learning with you at Baltic, she is sharing her knowledge with us here. She is a delightful colleague to work with, always has a smile and is full of ideas and the confidence to share them. We are a growing business, and she has reacted and adapted her approaches and work to move with us as we develop new areas of the business.

Creativity and drive are key traits necessary to be a valued digital marketer. There is no doubt that Jasmine demonstrates the qualities required for a successful future in digital marketing.

“Her creative flair is a real bonus that couples with her ever-growing technical knowledge to provide us with outstanding social media content every day of the week – if you haven’t already seen it, her Apprenticeships Diary series on our Instagram and Facebook pages is a real reflection of the work she is doing.”

AOTM August 2021 Video Diary

Catherine Marx, Managing Director of The Independent Education Consultants also cast a light onto Jasmine's impressive work ethic.

“Jasmine is simply amazing. She is always cheerful and has a committed and dedicated work ethic. She is always full of great ideas and works very hard to make them happen, even if it means going away and learning new skills to do so. I'm not sure how we ever managed without her. I can see she is going to continue to be a fantastic asset to our marketing team. We are truly lucky to have her.”

It is clear to see how much Jasmine’s hard work and enthusiasm is appreciated by her team. We are proud to have her as one of our apprentices!

Stand out nominees 

It’s always a difficult task for us to choose just one winner. Therefore, we think it’s essential to give a special mention to some of our other stand-out nominees:

Abi Haywood, The White Hills Park Trust

“Abi has become a reliable member of our small IT Team since joining as an apprentice back at the start of the year. As Abi is learning more and more skills on the job, she is working independently and being proactive in taking helpdesk tickets that she feels capable of handling alone. Alongside her work ethic and her achievements on the course, Abi is also fitting in well socially both as a member of the IT Team, joining us on after work social outings, and in making friends and earning the respect of her colleagues across the five schools in our Trust.”

Dmitrijs Kucins, Shiloh Computers

“Dmitrijs has brought his own thinking and problem-solving mindset to the team and brings forth alternate ideas to problem solving, he is not just a do-er and he contributes in a great way. His determination to keep getting back up, learning, pushing through and achieving, is what for us makes him an example of what we want the future work force to be. They need to be getters not takers, and Dmitrijs is a standout in that area.”

Ellie Armstrong, Harvey and Hugo

“Ellie has been an absolute joy to have as part of our team since her first day. She’s always willing to get involved in group discussions, brainstorms, and meetings, she’s settled into the team so well we feel like she’s been here forever, when in reality it’s only been four months. There isn’t a task we set that fazes her, even though it’s all completely new and unknown. Her passion for learning is evident and she clearly enjoys the content of each of the apprenticeship courses, as well as learning new skills that help her in her day-to-day role.”

Louise Wright, Affinity IT Services LTD

“Since joining Affinity, Louise has become a great addition to the service desk and although her previous experience in IT was a few years ago she quickly got back up to speed with newer technologies such as Windows 10. Louise is more than happy to be involved with issues she has little or no experience with in order to develop her knowledge and skills. Louise works hard and is always ready to take more responsibility and I am sure will continue to develop into a very competent technical service engineer.”

Millie Taylor, Property Web Masters

“Millie has progressed tremendously since joining us back in August of last year. Considering she had no prior experience in Marketing, it's remarkable to see her progression to now.
Millie is proactive, has a good attitude and is naturally a hard worker, which is something that cannot be taught! Her marketing and strategic knowledge is constantly developing and I'm excited to continue to watch her progression as she stays with us and moves onto the Level 4 programme!”

Sam Richardson, Astley UK

“Since Sam started his apprenticeship with us, he has shown great enthusiasm and aptitude, really engaging with all aspects of the role. I have never had to show him how to do something more than once! Sam is showing real eagerness to take on responsibility for his own development and understands what is expected of him. Nothing asked of him has been too much trouble and I’m so excited to watch him develop in his first full-time role.”

Sara Jackson, Ebuyer

“Sara continues to improve and become more involved with the team every day. She has taken on so much extra responsibility lately and it’s a pleasure to see someone who is happy to put their head above the parapet and always excited to take on extra tasks. As the most organised person in the team, she ensures everyone knows the jobs they need to do and the deadlines they need to meet. Sara is a credit not only to herself but to the apprenticeship programme and the tutors who have overseen her progress.”

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