Apprentice of the Month - August 2020

Written on: 17 September 2020

Written by: Baltic Apprenticeships


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One of the best sounds in the world is the notification from a new message arriving in our Nominations Mailbox. This month we've had a bumper crop of amazing nominations, each celebrating the skills, ingenuity, and all-round positive attitude of some incredible Baltic apprentices.

So let's share the joy... here's August's Apprentice of the Month winner and our Stand-Out Nominees:

Apprentice of the Month

This month's winner is Derrern Grice, a Level 4 IT Apprentice at Durrington Multi Academy Trust. He was nominated by Alex Robbins, who told us how Derrern has successfully stepped up to face new challenges at work:

"The last few months have been very demanding for Derrern; not only does he continue to complete his Level 4 study to an excellent standard, but he also works tirelessly within his demanding full time role on our busy service desk.

Recently, Derrern has taken an integral role within the support team, assisting roughly 300 staff and 2000 users as we migrated to a remote teaching, learning and administration provision for several subsidiary organisations. Derrern's hard work and commitment to contribute to an outstanding IT support provision has recently been acknowledged by our trust CEO and a school Governor.

Derrern's passion and commitment for IT is evident in all of his work. He has a fantastic attitude and is always ready to provide proactive and reactive support to our users. I am proud of Derrern's achievements so far and look forward to seeing him develop into an outstanding Support Technician."

August's Stand-Out Nominees

This month, we received six other fantastic nominations for the title. For every nomination we received, we were really pleased to see the difference that Baltic apprentices are making to their teams every day! Here are some of the highlights:

Tom McColl, Medhurst (North West) Ltd.

“The effort that Tom puts into everything he does is tremendous. From being the first to answer the phone and speak to the customer, to logging and triaging tickets, working on those that he is able and learning from others on those he can’t yet fix. He rapidly works through desktop and laptop setups and repairs with great accuracy, preparing them for the customer and often having to meet tight deadlines.

We are really impressed with his energy and enthusiasm and he has thrown himself into working life with real gusto. Obviously he has taken the same attitude into his apprenticeship, and has attained a 90% pass mark in his first exam!”

Elizabeth Jackson, DXC Technology

"Elizabeth is the apprentice that every team leader would like to have working for them. She shows a passion for her work and strives to perform at her very best, no matter what the task may be.

With very little training, Elizabeth was able to pick up some of the most time consuming and often complex tasks, such as change management for one of our clients. This is a task Elizabeth relishes doing, and in doing so, she has been able to identify that the training material in place for this role was either outdated or missing vital information. Elizabeth was able to use the knowledge she built up and produce a new easy to understand training document.

She has a desire to learn and succeed in order to move into a leadership role. I have no doubt that if she continues her current course, she will have no problems in achieving her goal."

Michael Lander, EPX Technical Services

"Michael fields calls and emails from customers and provides a remote support services to solve whatever technical problems they may be having.

Michael fitted into our team brilliantly, his enthusiasm for the work and fantastic personality shine through in all interactions.

He participates in all of the work enthusiastically, and I personally describe him as something of a “social catalyst” - you can always rely on his personality to brighten up a staff meeting and he’s never shy to volunteer for things! His skills are also excellent. Work-wise, he carries out his duties with no problems whatsoever, performing at the standard we’d expect of someone with twice his tenure.”

Elliot Bishop, EPX Technical Services

"Over time, Elliot has grown to become an instrumental member of the EPX team, operating far in excess of what we would expect from an apprentice. We have also had compliments about him from our customers and excellent feedback.

His talents are exceptional. Despite working in a high-pressure distraction-rich environment, he manages to stay focused. He is also progressing very well with his apprenticeship. He has exceptional self-discipline and time management skills – which are incredibly valuable to master early on in one’s career.

Elliot is a reliable member of the team who can manage his own work and this makes him fantastic to manage. I personally put this down to his attitude towards life and the work. I like working with him and hope to do so for many years!"

Calogero Prestifilippo, ENSEK

“Calogero has gone above and beyond with the expectations in his role. His attention to detail is perfect, taking every little thing into account. Which is perfect for the role of a Software Developer. Not only that, but the amount of motivation and enthusiasm he brings to work is amazing too, his personality really does shine.

From when he started he has always been keen to ask questions about everything and anything – which is the exact mindset needed for a Developer. His curiosity for all types of development languages is brilliant and he is willing to give absolutely anything a go. He has become a very independent developer, one that I can just assign a task to and allow him to work it through.

He also does his own research in his own time, purely because of his own interest. This says a lot about the dedication he has towards the industry and just wanting to learn everything he can about it. I personally couldn’t have asked for a better apprentice. Everyone loves him!"

Marc Gordon - ITPS

"In Marc’s role as an apprentice at ITPS he has contributed significantly to the work of the Data Centre Services team. He is always willing to take on any task and carries out the task to the very best of his ability no matter what the task is.

The current COVID situation meant that in the past month Marc has also had to take on additional responsibilities which he has shown he is more than capable of doing and has taken everything within his stride.

Overall Marc has become a key member of the ITPS Data Centre Services team, his willingness to learn new aspects of the role and the hard work he puts into every task he is given makes Marc a great addition to the team. I look forward to continuing to work with him."

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