Apprentice of the Month - April 2021

Written on: 30 April 2021

Written by: Megan Hussey


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April 2021: the age of the supermarket caterpillar wars. Although Cuthbert, Colin, Cecil, Curly (and the rest) have made for great entertainment recently - it's time for our apprentices to steal the spotlight! 

Once again, we received some great nominations from our employers, highlighting the incredible impact our learners have had on their organisations.

We all love hearing about success stories, so without further ado – let’s get started!

Apprentice of the Month:

April’s Apprentice of the Month is Rowan Woollard, a Level 3 Infrastructure Technician apprentice at Liverpool based health insurer Medicash. Rowan was nominated by his line manager Paul Marley, who gave us an insight into the critical role Rowan plays in the organisation:

“Rowan has moved into the ICT environment with little previous experience and within five months is providing front line support to all our staff across all our different technologies and services. As his line manager, I can trust him to resolve issues himself or seek guidance and support from his peers. Rowan documents the resolution well using the our ticketing system. His notes are specific and direct, exactly what we need.”

It is no secret that IT teams have proved their importance during the coronavirus pandemic, Paul gave us an insight into the part Rowan played in helping the team transition to remote working:

“Rowan has successfully completed several projects for me already, including the upgrade of all the Sales teams’ hardware at home. This included setup of new hardware, operating system, encryption, data migration, shipping, remote support, and setup. Each step of this was done, as per our company policies, on time and to my satisfaction.”

Although Rowan has demonstrated great practical skills, Paul was impressed by his commitment to professional development:

“Rowan has an excellent attitude to learning. He has shown repeatedly a willingness to learn more, understand deeper, and apply that knowledge to real time events. Rowan is not afraid to ask questions and educate himself online, albeit via webinars, forums, or web based.
“He manages his time wisely, he is capable of prioritising his workload and ensuring our service levels are adhered to. He communicates at all levels both internally and with our external service providers and provides feedback to me as necessary.

“Rowan has been a credit to Baltic Apprenticeships and I look forward to helping him further develop his skillsets and move forward with his career.”

Well done Rowan, we’re excited to see what you achieve next!

Stand Out Nominees:

Choosing a winner is always a difficult task for us and this month was no exception. We received 6 other nominations, one of these was for a Level 3 Data Technician apprentice, for the first time on this new programme!

Each nomination contained a success story to celebrate, which is why we had to give a special mention to every nominee. Check out the highlights of this month’s nominations below:

Louise Wright, Affinity IT 
“Louise is involved daily with providing customers with their support needs from taking the initial call, logging or picking up an existing ticket and then taking ownership of the incident through to completion. This can lead to a high volume of incidents that she has to deal with but she manages her workload very well.
“We run an awards scheme for engineers who log and close the most tickets each month and Louise is now competing for this on a regular basis and has even won.”

Lilly Eudell, The All-In-One Company

“Lilly’s input into creating films for the company has helped us to share our values and ethics across more platforms and reach a wider audience. By using new technologies and experimenting with new ideas Lilly is bringing a new dimension to the company.”
“Lilly is a great team member and has adapted to her work from home environment really well and is self-motivated and self-disciplined. I am very proud of Lilly and her desire to achieve great things and to become the best version of herself, at this rate all of her dreams will be achievable.”

Madison Pitt, Lourdes IT

“Madison has progressed incredibly well in our organisation, and it has been my pleasure to promote her to a fully-fledged helpdesk tech in the last week.
“It’s been great to watch her skills and confidence grow – she now interacts with colleagues and customers to deliver the high level of customer support that we require. I am really excited to continue to support Madison through her endpoint assessment and watch her continued development within the team – of which she is now an integral part.”

Georgia Winkley, Voicentric

“Georgia has exceeded all expectations, finding a way to go one step further on every task she was given. One example of this is that she has already gained an incredible grasp of the complex Power Bi software and has presented her data analysis to managers within our company. Not stopping there, our managers were so impressed with her work that it is to become a regular updated report as well as opportunity for her to present regular analysis to our board of directors at the company.
“I am thrilled that Georgia has worked so hard and is combining the work of her apprenticeship with beneficial projects at our company.”

Luke Hargreaves, Homebaked Co-Operative

“February has been a challenging month for us whilst we are closed to the public but still delivering contracts for our community. Luke has developed a whole set of marketing materials for our Lunches4All service with a local school. This has involved developing the branding, designing the material to be included with the lunches and adapting weekly plus running a successful social media campaign including dealing with local and national media.”

Cerys Lock, Techcare Ltd

“Cerys has had every challenge thrown at her and taken it in her stride. It is clear Cerys will go far if she maintains her current course.
“There’s not much else I can say other than she is simply one of those people who, as an employer, you couldn’t think of the team without her. Always happy and willing to help anyone, no matter how busy the day has been.”

Nominate Your Apprentice

If you've got a Baltic Apprentice who deserves some recognition, we'd love to share their story! 

Please send your nomination (around 200 words) to

Nominations are open until the 23rd of each month. Any nominations we receive after this date will be considered for the next award.

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