Apprentice of the Month - May 2021

Written on: 28 May 2021

Written by: Megan Hussey


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Well, May 2021 was the month that saw the UK receive nul points in the Eurovision Song Contest (again). But never fear, to lift your spirits our Apprentice of the Month award is back – and all the nominees get top marks from us!

As usual, we were blown away by the high-quality nominations we received from our employers, showcasing how our apprentices continue to reach new heights in their workplace – but who will come away with douze points?


May’s Apprentice of the Month is Wil Kenworthy, a Level 3 Digital Marketing apprentice at Lusso Footwear. Wil was nominated by Managing Director, Jason West, who gave us an insight into the impact Wil has made from day one:

“Wil has been phenomenal from the first time he stepped through the door. As a small growing business, we have to be dynamic and proactive in our day to day tasks and Wil has shown incredible signs of adaptability and versatility. He has a can do attitude and takes on any task with a smile on his face.”

“Wil has shown tremendous growth as a digital marketer and a person in just a short space of time. He has played a huge part in us entering the Drapers Footwear Awards 2021 for Best Online Operations. The fact that we are competing with some of the biggest footwear brands and retailers in the country says a lot about the impact he has had here.

“He’s developing way beyond what is expected of an apprentice in their first couple of months. He is comfortable handling large enterprise level software, scheduling social media posts, speaking with customers in an effective and empathetic manner and helping us level up our game.”
Not only is Wil excelling in his day to day role, he is impressing on his apprenticeship too:

“He completed both the beginner and professional Google Analytics courses as well as smashing his first exam with 100% pass mark. He is way ahead of his time log and always submits his work way before the deadline. He has been proactive with the Baltic team to ensure his work is more than adequate.”

Wil is showing no signs of slowing down and is a fantastic example of how an apprentice can become a future leader of your business:

“Wil is now my right hand man in this business, he is a key member of staff and continues to show signs of a future e-commerce manager. I’ve worked with many people with digital skill sets so I know just how good and deserving of this award he is. He is a pleasure to work with and has an incredible future ahead of him.”

Congratulations Wil, keep up the great work!


Inside every nomination is a success story that needs to be recognised and choosing a winner never gets easier. This month, we received two fantastic nominations that were close runners up! We had a Software Development apprentice taking the lead on a new hosting platform and a Digital Marketing apprentice thriving in a fully remote role, check out the highlights of their nominations below:


“Harry had a certain degree of technical knowledge when he joined us, but in the past three months, he has considerably extended this, becoming extremely competent on the new website hosting platform we are switching to. This is new not only to Harry but to everyone in the company, and there are times when Harry is developing beyond our experience. He has consistently shown resourcefulness and determination in overcoming complex issues in the areas of responsive website design and in providing e-commerce functionality. His systematic and logical approach is making it possible to carry these modules over into other sites we are dealing with and that is significantly helping to reduce our future development workload.

“In a wider context, Harry is also continuing to increase his contribution in all aspects of our business and is ensuring that our reputation amongst our clients continues to grow. I am sure he will continue to develop in these areas as lockdown eases and our working methods adapt.”


“Sophie has thrown herself into the work at Rogue Games with a fantastic level of enthusiasm and professionalism from day 1. Despite being a fully remote role, I have been highly impressed with how quickly Sophie has picked up the important aspects of the business, the brand and technical aspects required to support our ecommerce platform with digital marketing campaigns and copywriting.

“On a personal level, it has become clear from the outset that Sophie is very hard working and trustworthy. She is reliable and determined to complete tasks effectively and asks appropriate questions promptly when further information or training is needed.”


If you've got a Baltic Apprentice who deserves some recognition, we'd love to share their story! 

Please send your nomination (around 200 words) to

Nominations are open until the 23rd of each month. Any nominations we receive after this date will be considered for the next award.

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