6 ways to motivate a young workforce

Written on: 24 October 2019

Written by: Freya King



Having a team made up of younger staff can be a great thing, as they tend to be motivated, fresh-faced and keen to succeed. It’s important that you maintain this enthusiasm to prevent them from becoming bored. Every team is different, so take the time to find out what makes yours tick.

  1. Incentives

You’ll find that your team is a lot more focused on their targets and KPIs if there is something at stake. Truthfully, a lot of people are motivated by money, so bonuses are a good place to start. However, incentives can take many forms, so don’t be put off if this option is not on the table. Depending on the nature of the work, you could offer a meal, team-building days or even something as simple as extended lunch breaks when targets are met.

  1. Praise

This one is free. Always remember to congratulate your employees on a job well done, especially if they have gone above and beyond. When providing feedback, try not to focus too much on the negatives, as this can be disheartening for someone to hear early in their career. Instead, highlight what they have done well and provide constructive criticism that they can take forward into future projects.

  1. Gamification

Try introducing elements that turn certain tasks into a game between teammates. A little bit of healthy competition is a great way to increase output and will also help to build up the relationships between colleagues. Having some form of visual indication such as a wall chart or whiteboard to show how everyone is doing will help get the whole team involved. Even without a prize, the competitive side of human nature will take over.

  1. Clear progression routes

Nothing will motivate young and driven people more than the thought of advancing in their careers. If you can show within your business that hard work is rewarded by promotions, then your workforce will have something to aim towards. Offer clear progression routes and support ambitious staff in their aim for personal development.

  1. Positive working environment

Having a pleasant office to come into every day is always beneficial, but it is particularly appealing for a young workforce. They will feel a lot more at home in a fresh, modern space that suits the forward-facing nature of the younger generation. This doesn’t have to cost a fortune, but it is definitely worth investing in sprucing up your workplace, as it can work wonders on morale.

  1. Lead by example

Be someone that your team can look up to. Having a strong role model that they can come to for advice will help to keep everyone engaged. You should share your vision with your team, and be prepared to get involved with what they are working on. A positive attitude is infectious, so don’t forget about keeping yourself motivated.

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