5 statistics proving the impact of Generation Z on the digital sector

Written on: 15 August 2019

Written by: Freya King



As the first generation of true digital natives come of age, it is interesting to see how they are beginning to make an impact on all aspects of the technology industry. Here are 5 statistics that demonstrate how they are changing the face of tech.

Gen Z is 55% more likely to want to start a business and recruit others in comparison to millennials1

Young people today have big ambitions to build their own futures. In the age of digital start-ups, the ultimate aspirational figures are the self-made tech entrepreneurs. This means that the future of the industry stands on the tech-savvy shoulders of Generation Z. Watch this space.

Their average attention span for advertising is approximately 8 seconds2

It’s no surprise that the Snapchat Generation is impatient when it comes to advertising. If your website loads slowly, forget it! Advertisers are having to get resourceful as their tech products compete to break into the consciousness of Generation Z. The rise of the Instagram influencer is leading to a new style of product promotion that reaches this young demographic in the places where they spend large amounts of their time: on social media.

73% of Gen Z believe that instant messaging is more important than calling3

The way consumers interact with tech companies is changing. Gen Z’s short attention span means that instant forms of customer service such as live chats are on the rise. As Generation Z enters the workplace, they bring with them a new set of rules for communication. The modern business has a growing number of communication tools at their disposal, so the provision of unified communications is essential.

66% of Gen Z reports using more than one digital device simultaneously4

Generation Z are nothing if not multitaskers! With the office no longer being the only place where work takes place, the need for projects to be transferrable across multiple devices is a must for Gen Z’ers. The world is their office; they can be found working in coffee shops, on public transport and at home.

60% of Gen Z want their job to impact the planet positively in some way5

The “woke” generation are getting their job satisfaction from driving positive change. Their awareness of social and environmental issues means that tech companies are rightly being held accountable for their impact on the world around them. Increasing demand for environmentally friendly products and culturally sensitive marketing campaigns can only be a good thing. When recruiting, it’s important that employers can show strong corporate social responsibility in order to attract the best candidates from Generation Z.

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