5 benefits of cross functional teams

Written on: 12 December 2019

Written by: Freya King



A cross functional team is a group of individuals with different areas of expertise, working together towards a common goal. Savvy employers are utilising this concept to create “supergroups” made up of experts from across their business. But what benefits does this group dynamic offer over a traditional department-based structure?

  1. Unity

One advantage of cross functional teams is that your workgroup will all be aiming for the same endgame. This shared vision facilitates a culture of selflessness; people will unite to meet the team’s goals rather than merely worrying about their own targets. Align these goals with your company mission and you’re onto a winner.

  1. Insight

Each member of your cross functional team will have their own perspective to bring to the table. Someone from finance will know all about budget considerations, but the company’s online branding is not likely to be their first concern. This can cause problems if they are working separately, but with representation from each department, all bases will be covered.

  1. Faster turnaround

Think about how long it can take to get a reply from someone in another department. If everyone is working together on the same project, you’ve effectively cut out the need to spend time chasing a response. With fast-tracked communication, your cross functional team can meet tight deadlines in the most efficient way possible.

  1. Innovation

The cross functional team dynamic lends itself well to innovation. With input from a variety of people, this sharing of ideas will lead to creative collaboration and experimentation.

  1. Improved company culture

Many companies make the mistake of keeping departments separated; all this does is make people feel isolated from those outside their team. Integrating different members of staff will strengthen bonds between departments, making communication feel more natural.

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