Why start a career in tech?

The tech industry is starving for better representation of women. The number of women assuming tech roles has dropped from 33%, which shows women are either leaving the tech industry or there is a stronger intake of men. Compared to other industries, where the average percentage of employed women is 47%, the tech industry is startlingly low with only 27% women in the workforce. There is a huge discrepancy between the number of women in the workforce, and the number assuming roles in IT.


Become an in-demand professional


Get paid more than your peers


Work for dynamic/creative companies


Never run out of things to learn


Become a leader of tomorrow

Female Initiatives

Women have been at the forefront of technological innovation since it began. We've heard the stories of inspirational women such as Dorothy Vaughn, who taught herself, and her staff coding, then proceeded to head the programming division at Langley. Then there's Dame Stephanie Shirley, who started her career as a mathematical clerk in a post office, and later pioneered an incredibly successful all-women software company in the 1960's.

Technology is all about connection: it's working with people and bringing together a community. Technology is part of everything we do; so, even if a career in tech hasn't immediately occurred to you, it's totally in reach. Young people have a level of digital competence that put them ahead of the technological learning curve.

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