Why start a career in tech?

Technology is one of the most vibrant and dynamic fields to work in, with endless possibilities for innovation, collaboration and creativity. But for the industry to reach its full potential, we need to challenge perceptions about who works in tech.  

We’re partnering with supportive employers across the nation to champion underrepresented groups and provide opportunities for everyone. Through our digital apprenticeship programmes, a new generation of women are shaking up the worlds of IT, software development and digital marketing. Will you be next?


Become an in-demand professional


Get paid more than your peers


Work for dynamic/creative companies


Never run out of things to learn


Become a leader of tomorrow

When we talk about the history of technology, we often hear about men like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. But women have also been at the forefront of advances in technology from the very start. Without the pioneering work of inspirational women like Ada Lovelace and Grace Hopper, we wouldn’t have the programming languages we know today.

Much like the female trailblazers who have gone before, you can forge your own path and pick up world class technical skills as you go. Start your journey today by searching for an apprenticeship opportunity that is right for you.

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