Everything you need to start your coding career.

With this Level 3 software apprenticeship, you’ll build an impressive range of coding skills and thrive as a junior developer.

Our training includes real-time classes with our expert trainers and self-paced specialist courses. You’ll follow a unique curriculum which goes above and beyond the Apprenticeship Standard to include the coding languages you’ll need in the workplace.

With our combination of technical training and personal support, you will learn how to create great code, understand industry good practices, and take your place within a software development team.

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Programme Duration

12-15 MONTHS

Training Method




Our instructor-led training is split into 5 knowledge-based courses that provide a solid foundation to professional coding concepts:

Course 1: The Software Development Environment

This course explores business contexts around coding projects, including different roles, market environments and development methodologies.

Course 2: The Software Development Lifecycle

This course covers the key stages of software development, including testing, configuration management and version control.

Course 3: Software Development Principles

In this hands-on course, apprentices will outline the discovery phase of a development project, exploring how code integrates into the wider project.

Course 4: Implementing Code

Learners will follow industry best practice and explore industry good practice, coding standards, debugging and automation.

Course 5: Coding for Data & Web

This course embeds learner’s understanding of databases, human-computer interaction and security in software development.


Through our specially curated online learning pathways, your apprentice can expand their knowledge of coding languages and paradigms at a time that suits them.

Python Pathway

  • Cisco Academy Programming Essentials in Python
  • 100 Days of Code: The Complete Python Bootcamp

Web Development Pathway

  • The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0
  • HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Python and MySQL

SQL Pathway

  • SQL Database Bootcamp
  • Database design & management

This specialist training goes beyond the knowledge requirements of the apprenticeship standard, helping your apprentice accelerate their learning and add increased value to your team.


Workplace Projects bring an apprentice’s technical training to life, embedding knowledge, skills and behaviours within practical work-based assignments. A Level 3 Software apprentice will complete the following projects:

The Business Environment

Exploring how software developers operate effectively within a business landscape, including Health & Safety, Budgets, Brands and Business Protocols.

Coding Project 1: Logic & Problem Solving

This project focuses on writing simple code to a high standard, testing against project deliverables and solving logical problems with structured methods, tools and techniques.

Coding Project 2: User Interface & Analysis 

This project encompasses all the skills from Project 1, with a focus on developing user interfaces, following basic analysis models, and understanding the software development lifecycle.

Coding Project 3: Data & Security 

This project reinforces the skills from the previous coding projects, and focuses on creating simple connections between code and defined data sources, applying appropriate secure development principles, and applying industry standard approaches for configuration management.

Communication in Software Development

Articulating the function of software components to different stakeholders, across a range of mediums.

These workplace projects form a portfolio of evidence used at the End Point Assessment. Your apprentice will work with our dedicated Baltic Learning Mentors to shape each project to their job role and workplace responsibilities.

Role Overview: Apprentice Software Development Technician

A Software Development Technician is an excellent role for anyone starting out as a software developer.

Software Development Technicians work as a vital part of the wider software team building simple components, implementing code, and testing software.

By the end of this Level 3 apprenticeship programme, you’ll be a confident coder with the ability to solve programming problems, develop user interfaces, and write substantial pieces of code for software projects.

With this qualification, you’ll build the knowledge, skills, and experience you need to succeed in this exciting industry!

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Training Method

SMART Classroom

Our apprentices come together from all over the country and work together in the SMART learning environment, interacting, communicating and engaging with the best technical trainers in IT, Software and Digital Marketing. Our SMART Classrooms are technology enhanced, cloud-based classrooms that deliver training by integrating learning technology.

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Progression Route

Software Developer

If you're looking to grow your skills further once completing your Level 3 apprenticeship, we offer a Software Developer Level 4 course. Taught at a more advanced level, the course equips software professionals with the knowledge and skills to both create and manage effective software solutions. The programme is designed for those who have experience within a software role and offers the perfect training programme for those looking to take the next step in their career.


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