The code to unlock your future.

This apprenticeship will build the foundations for a flexible, exciting career path in software.

You'll join a professional software team and learn how the industry works, collaborating with others and building high-quality software components to the top coding standards.

At Baltic, you'll learn as part of a cohort, joining the same group in the SMART Classroom for your virtual training, building friendships and professional networks with fellow apprentices across the country.

Your expert coach will guide you through a hands-on training, assessment, and personal development curriculum, giving you the skills you need to succeed in the software industry, today, tomorrow and beyond. 

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Learn by doing with our technical training. You'll put theory into practice with hands-on projects and expert demonstrations in six 2-day SMART Classroom courses. Unlike traditional education, our apprenticeship training doesn't simply teach for a test. Our exam-free programme and project-led approach gives you the skills employers are looking for.

You'll take the following courses:

1. Planning & Analysis: The Software Development Lifecycle

This course introduces the software development lifecycle, giving you an in-depth understanding of how the software industry works. You'll explore project roles, collaboration tools, and industry techniques for planning software projects.

2. Software Design: Object Oriented Programming

Building on your planning and analysis skills, this course is all about software design. Introducing the key concepts of object-oriented programming, you'll learn to design a software solution and create technical specifications.

3. Software Development: Object Oriented Programming

This course offers a practical exploration of object-oriented programming, where you'll follow a design brief and learn to develop functional code following industry best practices.

4. Design and Develop Web Technologies

This course introduces the fundamentals of secure web design and development. Exploring the implementation of Human Computer Interaction and interactive responsiveness to multiple devices. Plan, design and build your own website ready for exploring connections between data sources and front-end interfaces.

5. Design and Develop Databases and Data Connections

Transform theory into action and build your database connection code according to design specifications. After establishing requirements to produce an effective connection between web and data assets, you will apply industry best practice to implement software solutions, creating secure, functional code to high professional standards.

6. Software Testing & Deployment

Turning to the final stages in the software development lifecycle, you'll take a deep dive into problem solving and software testing approaches. In this dynamic session, you'll create and implement software test plans to identify and repair bugs in a piece of code. 


Our apprenticeship curriculum combines expert technical training with corresponding workplace projects. After each course, you'll get the chance to apply what you've learned to your day-to-day work and carry on building your skills while making a real difference in your team.

On this programme, you'll complete the following projects:

  • Software Development Analysis and Design

  • Functional Software Development

  • Data Development

  • Software Testing and Deployment 


We understand every business, workplace and job role is different.

Our programmes go above and beyond the Apprenticeship Standard, offering
learners the opportunity to gain specialist certifications and become industry experts.

This means our programmes can be tailored and personalised to suit individual roles,
goals, and business needs.

Tailored training options include:

  • Beginner to Intermediate Python

  • Web Development

  • Fundamentals: HTML, PHP, Java & JavaScript

  • SQL

  • C++

  • C#

  • CSS

  • jQuery

  • Ruby 

Role Overview: Junior Software Developer Apprentice

A Junior Software Developer is an excellent early-career role for aspiring software developers.

In this role, you’ll be working as part of a professional software team, supporting them with simple software components that will form an important part of final products. You’ll learn to interpret technical and design requirements, build programming elements, and test software to find and repair any bugs in the code.

In this apprenticeship, you can quickly progress from little or no coding knowledge to playing a vital role in a professional software team.

After you achieve your qualification, you can take your knowledge to the next level with a Level 4 qualification or develop your career with the potential to move into multiple disciplines, including software engineering, project management, user experience, and software testing roles!

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Virtual Training:

SMART Classroom

Our apprentices come together from all over the country and work together in the SMART Classroom learning environment.

Our SMART Classrooms are technology enhanced, cloud-based classrooms that deliver engaging interactive training, live from your expert software Skills Coach.

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Career Progression:

Software Developer

If you’re looking to grow your skills further after completing your Level 3 apprenticeship, we offer a Level 4 Software Developer programme. Taught at a more advanced level, this course equips software professionals with the knowledge they need to create and manage effective software solutions. This apprenticeship is designed for those who have experience in a software role and offers the perfect training programme to take the next step in your career.


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