Course Summary

In this apprenticeship, you will complete modules which prepare you for IT project management and systems development through thorough planning, testing and integration. You will also consider how to interact with customers in a professional manner while working on emerging technologies.


Programme Duration

15-18 Months

Training Duration

6 Weeks

Training Method

Smart Classroom

Training Schedule

6-8 Weeks

Unit 1
Systems Development

This unit is delivered over 4 days through the Smart Classroom.

  • Understand the Systems Development life cycle
  • Gather and analyse customer requirements 
  • Design an IT solution and plan its testing and implementation 
  • Identify the various stakeholder perspectives
  • Develop practical skills in the use of the various tools and techniques
Unit 2
Project Management and Effective Communication in Business

This unit is delivered over 5 days through the Smart Classroom.

  • Understand the principles of project management and how projects are set up
  • Understand how to mitigate risks and develop skills using management tools to monitor and review projects
  • Understand why effective communication is critical for businesses
  • Recommend different types of communication methods suitable for specific purposes
Unit 3
Emerging Technologies

This unit is delivered over 3 days through the Smart Classroom. 

  • Understand emerging technologies 
  • Understand the impact of emerging technologies on society
  • Be able to conduct research into emerging technologies
  • Understand the ethical implications of emerging technologies
Unit 4
Data Communications and Networking Technologies

This unit is delivered over 5 days through the Smart Classroom.

  • Understand networking principles
  • Understand networking components
  • Be able to design networked systems
  • Be able to implement and support networked systems
  • Understand data communication networks and the requirement for open systems
  • Understand the methods used for data communication
  • Know the function and methods of control used for local area networks Understand wide area networks and internet working
Unit 5
IT Virtualisation

This unit is delivered over 5 days through the Smart Classroom.

  • Understand the commercial impact and potential of virtualisation
  • Evaluate current virtualisation solutions 
  • Understand the potential benefits of virtualisation
  • Understand the current technology requirements for implementing
  • Complete a needs analysis for a virtualisation deployment
  • Design a virtualisation solution for a given virtualisation deployment
  • Be able to implement virtualisation deployments
  • Produce documentation, monitor hardware and software systems
  • Be able to manage virtualisation environments
Unit 6
Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2016

This unit is delivered over 5 days through the Smart Classroom.

  • Installing Windows Server 2016
  • Managing user accounts 
  • Configuring an IPv6 network
  • Implementing DHCP
  • Securing files and folders
Functional Skills

This is subject to evidence provided.

  • Level 2 - Maths
  • Level 2 - English
  • Level 2 – ICT

Learners who require Functional Skills will be supported using the Smart Classroom and the sessions will last half a day each. Exams will be held in a local test centre.

Smart Classroom

Our apprentices come together from all over the country and work together in the smart learning environment, interacting, communicating and engaging with the best technical trainers in IT, Software and Digital Marketing. Our Smart Classrooms are technology enhanced, cloud-based classrooms that deliver training by integrating learning technology. 

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What we look for:

  • Creativity and enthusiasm
  • A positive attitude and commitment to learning new skills
  • Career focused and self-motivated individuals
  • Self-taught hobbyists who enjoy building their own understanding of topics
  • Practical learners who prefer a hands-on approach to learning 

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